Rally 1993 – Proposal – February 23th, 1992

23 Arrowhead Road
Brookfield, CT 06804
February 23, 1992

 To: Board of Directors The Alcyone Circle

Re: 1993 Rally North Frisians and Beyond Dear Sirs,

This letter proposes that the 1992 winter meeting of the circle should endorse a substantial cruise for the summer of 1993. This cruise would begin at Lauwersoog on June 5, 1993 and would consist of:

Stage I: Lauwersoog to Cuxhaven
II: Cuxhaven to Hornum (Sylt)
III: Hornum to Thyboron Kanal (Limfjord)
IV: Through the Limfjord to the Kattegatt


The general goal is to pass through the various Frisian Island chains, then voyage up the North sea coast of Jutlans during periods of good weather and stay in sheltered waters during bad weather. The passage through the Limfjord would take about a week. Once into the Kattegat, boats could turn North toward the Skaw and Norway, East toward Gothenberg or South along the Eastern (sheltered) shore of Jutland toward the Kiel Kanal and the Netherlands.

It appears that there are only two long (up to 18 hour) passages on the Northbound route, around Sylt and around passages on the Northbound route, around Sylt and around Horns rev. Even they may be negotiated in one days’ light. The Southbound return can be entirely day-sailed.

Klaus Gerdts has volunteered his renowned advice regarding picturesque and unique anchorages and routes for stages I and II and beyond. Others may want to research anchorage in the reputedly Limfjord.

Members of the Circle could participate in one of more of the stages, as their personal circumstances permit. The character of the routes and anchorages will probably exclude conventional vessels. However, the unique design features of our boats are particularly well adapted to this “once in a lifetime” event.

If the Circle endorses this cruise, perhaps a coordinator could be appointed. This person could publish a review of plans from time to time. I would volunteer for the position, but feel that it could be better filled by someone more centrally placed, as in the Netherlands.

Hoping that you will find a cruise of the “North Frisians and Beyond” an enticing project and regretting my absence from the meeting, I remain

Sincerely yours

Brooke N. Westover