Newsletter nr. 35 – January 1992

We wish to convey our best wishes for 1992 to you all and we hope that 1992 will be a good sailing year.

Winter meeting 14 March 1992
The winter meeting 1992 will be held at the Apollo Hotel again on the 14th of March, the last weekend of the HISWA boatshow.
The members and their crews will be welcome from 17.45 hours onwards. Over the well known drinks the events of the past season and the plans for the future could be exchanged.

At 18.15 hours the usual discussions will take place; the main topic will be the summer reunion and the date of the next winter meeting.
Dinner will be served at approximately 19.15 hours. The costs of the dinner will be ƒ45,– per person. Please note that this sum does not include any consumptions.

After dinner there will be ample opportunity to discuss points raised earlier in the evening and each crew may challenge other crews for a race on the IJsselmeer or where-ever (Barentszsea).

The exact address of the Apollohotel is:
Amsterdam Apollo Hotel
Apollolaan 2
1077 BA Amsterdam
Telephone: 020-735922

The Apollohotel can be reached from Central Station by taking tram nr. 25, “disembarking” at stop Lutmastraat, walking towards the Okura Hotel and then turning right (Van Hillegaertstraat); you will find the Apollohotel on your lefthand side, over the bridge (after approx. 100 meters).
Coming from the RAI you can reach the Apollohotel by walking through the Diepenbrockstraat, turning right into the Herman Heyermansweg. At the end you will turn left (Churchillaan) and then you will go right (Stadionweg) and find the Apollohotel on you righthand side. (See map enclosed.)

You can also take a taxi!

As we would like to know the number of people coming as early as possible, those members who have decided to participate are kindly requested to notify us as soon as possible, but at the latest on the 1st of March 1992, using the form included. It would be highly appreciated if members who have decided not to come will advise us accordingly as soon as possible.

Changes in the Administration
As H. van’t hull has left the administration, this was already mentioned in newsletter nr. 34, the correspondence address has changed. Both mister R.B. van Santbrink and mister J.D. van’t Hull have their office in Rhenen, therefore it was decided to move the administration to Rhenen. We have not been able yet to change the address of the Alcyone Circle at the Postbank. This still is at the krokusstraat in Haarlem. As soon as the changes are a fact, we will inform you accordingly.

We regret to announce that two of our members passed away in 1991. On behalf of the Alcyone Circle we wish to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Mr. M. van Marle and Mr. N. Valentijn.

News About Ships & Owners
Mr. Jannink has the intention of selling his ship, the ALCYONE II.

Mr. van Santbrink has bought a larger ship in February 1991. He sailed it from the Azores to Amsterdam in August in not more than 10 days. For the time being, Mr. van Santbrinbk wants to remain a member of the Alcyone Circle with his ship the Zeekameel.

Mr. van Boekel has bought the Eikos and changed her name to Avalon (the original name). The administration welcomes Mr. van Boekel as a new member of the Alcyone Circle.

The administration likes to remind the members to pay their contribution. It was decided that members who have a backlog in paying their contribution for four years or more will no longer receive the newsletter.

The yearly contribution will be ƒ10.–, DEM 10.–, £3.–, or US$5.– to be paid to our postgiro nr. 3721241 of the Alcyone Circle in Haarlem.

If you want to pay your contribution by cheque please use an international money-order. The costs of cashing a cheque from abroad are almost as high as the amount to be paid.