Newsletter nr. 36 – December 1992

It was intended that the newsletter would start like this:

“This is the first time in many years that we have been able to send our best wishes to you for the coming year before the year has started. It is also possible this year to wish you a merry Christmas.” Unfortunately, faith is against me.

Two or three days before Christmas day I mailed the letters to you. It was after Mr. Liebert called, that no one had received the letter, that I got suspicious. I phoned the PTT and they told me that some kids had put fireworks in the mailbox, where I mailed the letters and lit it. There was nothing left of any mail. Therefore, it is once more that I can’t start my letter like I wanted to.

Nevertheless, I sincerely hope that you all had a merry Christmas. Let’s hope that 1993 will be a good sailing year for us all.

Winter meeting 23 January 1993
The winter meeting 1993 will be held at the Apollo Hotel again on the 23rd of January. After a long tradition of having the winter meeting on the same weekend as the HISWA boatshow, it was decided by the administration to bring about some changes.

The members and their crews will be welcome from 18.00 hours onwards. The events of the past season and the plans for the future can be exchanged over drinks.

Dinner will be served at approximately 19.00 hours. The costs of the meal will be ƒ45,– per person. Please note that this sum does not include any consumptions.

After dinner there will be ample opportunity to discuss points raised earlier in the evening and each crew may challenge other crews for a race around the world in eighty days.

As we would like to know the number of people coming, those members who have decided to participate are kindly requested to notify us as soon as possible. Please do so using the enclosed form at the latest on the 15th of January 1993. It would be highly appreciated if members who have decided not to come will advise us accordingly as soon as possible.

The administration likes to remind the members to pay their contribution. It was decided that members who have a backlog in paying their contribution for four years or more will no longer receive the newsletter.

The yearly contribution will be ƒ10.–, DEM 10.–, £3.–, or US$5.– to be paid to our postgiro nr. 3721241 of the Alcyone Circle in Haarlem.
If you want to pay your contribution by cheque please use an international money-order. The costs of cashing a cheque from abroad are almost as high as the amount to be paid.

Limfjord in Denmark
During this event the usual discussions will take place and the main topic will be a trip to the Limfjord in the north of Denmark. Therefore it is very important that those members who are considering participating on this trip to be present.

The idea for this trip came from our member Mr. B. Westover from the United States of America. Dr. K.G. Gerdts and Mr. J.D. van’t Hull will try and give all members a good idea of what the trip will mean in terms of duration and what skills are needed. They will also discuss which route could be taken and which harbours could be visited. The trip in total will take approximately 4 or 5 weeks.

We understand that this is a long time; therefore a shorter trip can be discussed e.g. to the isle of Sylt. Crews can decide on this island whether they continue the trip or go back.

A good and experienced crew is of great importance.