Alcyone sailing yachts were developed as a unique hybrid with the properties of traditional Dutch shallow water sailing ships and deep water yachts.
Designer and naval architect Max F. Gunning succeeded wonderfully with four types:  Alcyone I, Alcyone II, expanded Alcyone II and Cormorant.
In totality 41 yachts were built from 1948 till 1984.

They are excellent in shallow waters. Their shoal draught, thick bottom plate and automatically lifting centreboard and rudder allow a safe running aground.
At sea they behave calm and are trustworthy. These comfortable seaworthy steel hull yachts can be sailed single handed and, fortunately, require a minimum upkeep.

The vessels were built at the Valentijn Shipyards in Langeraar, Holland. The yachts have spread over Holland, Germany, France, England and the United States.
They sailed the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, Northsea, Baltic and many, many coastal waters.

The Alcyone Circle is an association of owners of these unique sailing vessels. It keeps the archive alive, organises winter- and summermeetings and rallies.
Their owners exchange knowledge about the restoration and preservation of their yachts.

Brooke Westover

Brooke Westover

We specially remember mister Brooke Westover for putting
a lot of effort in starting up this archive in 2002!