Newsletter nr. 60-II – April 17th, 2013

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¤ Summermeeting Saturday 6th of July 2013 at Lauwersoog
The mainplan is to collect in the outside harbour of Lauwersoog at Saturdaymorning. The palaver will be at 11.30 hours on board of Sayonara. In the afternoon we will have a leavingparty at home of Bert and Janneke Glazenburg. Sunday will be a day of resting and final check-up of the yachts.

¤ Rally to Neuwerk leads from Lauwersoog Monday 8th of July
Hereby the masterplanning and tentative itinerary of our Rally to Neuwerk with the most important details for this moment. Our friends from Cuxhaven meanwhile did their preparation and have made a masterpiece of it, thank you so much Klaus and Elgin!
When weather is fine we are leaving the outside (salty) harbour Lauwersoog at Monday 8th of July 8.30 a.m., see their schedule for all details. Nature’s will give us ONE high water at daylight in the beginning and one week later high water is very early in the morning. So there will be a few days with early rising, having her own silent beauty sailing while nature is awakening! We’ve understood that Klaus have made enquiries for the harbours: we should find moorings for 8 or 10 yachts everywhere. Diesel can be a problem, so it will be wise top up at Norderney.
Klaus and Elgin have some nice ideas how to spend the time ashore on the islands and at Carolinensiel to surpise us all.

Especially for this Summermeeting and Rally and with the helping hand of Wies Fermie we’ve asked the young artist Vivian Hebing to make a very practical and recognizable musthave for the members to remind! And so she did: an amazing surprise we can assure you all.
For the needed cashflow it would help if you pay the contribution a.s.a.p. The contribution for this year amounts € 30,– included this special gift. Please make your payment to bankaccountnumber 1967067 (IBAN: NL44INGB0001967067) on the name of A.C. van Boekel te Drachten.

The following yachts will join the Rally to Neuwerk:

  1. Avalon                            Arjen&Rienkje van Boekel and their kids Sanne and Erik&Inge
  2. Adriana van Texel     Peter Hoogenberk and his son Henk Jan and crew
  3. Banckert                       Marten&Mieke Broekens
  4. Harmonie                     Klaus&Elgin Gerdts and daugther Wiebke
  5. Vrouwezand                Marco&Maria Eichhorn
  6. Vrijheid                          Niek&Wies Teijken
  7. Woest maar Kalm     Bert Glazenburg and daugther Julia & her friend Martijn
  8. Zeekoet II                     Frans&Annemarie Kemme
  9. Sayonara                      Dirk&Marieke van Slooten and crew
  10. Zwarte Zwaan            Klaas Michiel&Rika Elema
  11. Optional Vita Nova   Joost and Henk&Karin van ’t Hull and crew
  12. Optional Marmara    Dirk Jan&Renske Schenk


View at Borkum Summer 2010 a/b Avalon
View at Borkum – Summer 2010 a/b Avalon


Kindest regards, all the best,
Arjen van Boekel & Joost van ’t Hull,
Board Alcyone Circle