Newsletter nr. 60 – April 1st, 2013

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Summermeeting& Rally to Oste
Starting 6th of July 2013 at Lauwersoog

To all,

We mave have all confidence now in enjoying a lovely summer after a never ending winter and a very cold beginning of springtime. In that case we have good news for our active members of the Circle.
Klaus and Elgin Gerdts (Alcyone II Harmonie) definitely organize the Rally to Oste. Sic!

First we’ll have our regular Summermeeting at Lauwersoog in the new harbour at seaside, making plans to leave at Sunday for the Rally to Neuhaus on the Oste river.
There is the invitation of Bert and Janneke (Cormorant ‘Woest maar kalm’), who are living in Lauwersoog, to have a leaving-party in their garden in the afternoon.
Bert and his daugther Julia will sail next day with us to Ost-Frisian waters.
Normality when weather and wind pleasing us, it will take about a week or so to get there.
But our Rally is not a race; staying longer at a beautifull spot is possible and up to us!
Our goal behind is having a great vacation with a lot of fun and space for all.
The mainplan is to combine this relaxing Rally with the Summermeeting at Saturday July 6th 2013 at Lauwersoog and set off Sunday to Greetsiel or Borkum with a beautiful fleet of 9 or 11 Gunningyachts.
This special year Klaus with his yacht ‘Harmonie’ will be ‘Admiral of the Gunningfleet’.
Everyone is going ‘buitengaats’ on their one risk, but the fleet will give you a lot of comfort and help to make this beautiful trip, perhaps your maidentrip in that direction.
We plan to visit places for conaisseurs off the usual track – Juist, Baltrum, Wangerooge (where you can find amber/barnsteen on the beach), Carolinensiel, Neuwerk- to add new experiences also for the seasoned skipper. Our motto will be: no risk, much fun! The journey might take anything from a week to ten days. To make sure everyone gets home even with stronger westerly winds, there is the Küstenkanal from Wilhelmshaven to Emden, and from there of course the canals from Delfzijl. From our endpoint at Cuxhaven / Neuwerk, it is only a day’s sail to the North Frisian Islands, to Brunsbüttel and the Kiel Canal.

The following Gunningyachts will be present for the Rally to Oste:

  1. Avalon                                    Arjen&Rienkje with their kids Sanne and Erik&Inge
  2. Adriana van Texel             Peter and son Henk Jan Hoogenberk and crew
  3. Banckert                               Marten&Mieke Broekens
  4. Harmonie                             Klaus&Elgin Gerdts
  5. Vrouwezand                        Marco&Maria Eichhorn
  6. Vrijheid                                  Niek&Wies Teijken
  7. Woest maar Kalm             Bert Glazenburg and daugther Julia & her friend Martijn
  8. Zeekoet II                             Frans&Annemarie Kemme
  9. Sayonara                              Dirk&Marieke van Slooten and crew
  10. Optional Vita Nova           Joost and Henk&Karin van ’t Hull and crew
  11. Optional Marmara            Dirk Jan&Renske Schenk

This time we will have 5 doctors in our society if making your mind easy on that score!
If there are other members that will join the party or if there are any questions about this Rally, please let us know.


Kindly regards,
Arjen van Boekel & Joost van ’t Hull,
Board Alcyone Circle