Newsletter nr. 56-II – May 23th, 2011

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Dear members,

►Largest rise since 1985 and 1994

The governing board has been surprised agreeably that no less than 12 Gunning-ships will be present on Summermeeting July 1, 2 and 3 at Hindeloopen.
Because of a holidaytrip to the Canadian and for other reasons it does n’t succeed the owners of Spurwing and Vrouwezand to participate this year,
otherwise we would have had 14 yachts in harbour!
Below the definite task of the participants:

1. Avalon Arjen en Rienkje van Boekel and crew
2. Vita Nova Gebroeders van ‘t Hull and crew
3. Sayonara Dirk en Marieken van Slooten and crew
4. Woest maar kalm Bert en Janneke Glazenburg
5. Meermin Wiet Schwartz en opstapper
6. Harmonie Klaus en Elgin Gerdts and crew
7. Adriana van Texel Peter Hoogenberk and crew
8. Zeekoet-II Frans en Annemarie Kemme
9. Marmara Dirk-Jan en Renske Schenk
10. Margaretha Selma en Willem Ohrtmann
11. Alcyone Edgar en Angel Meijnen
12. Dieuwertje Ida Scheltema
13. Vrouwezand Marco en Maria Eichhorn are coming without their ship
14. Spurwing Eke en Marjan van der Zee uncertainly yet: without their ship!


►5th Lustrum

25th Rally/Summermeeting

A historical overvieuw has been added as an appendix at this e-mail. It all started in 1964 as a idea of the 3 gentlemen Van Marle, Sanders and Van der Ploeg. In the older days there was a wintermeeting and than a rally in the following year. In the late nineties Alcyone Circle was confrontated with a lot of changes in ownership. For that reason  it was hard to organize a rally because of lack of participants. Both of facts explains why 47 years later we celebrate the 5th lustrum in 2011! One of our creative members will make a special present for al participants. This particularly attention will be distributed during the palaver on board of Sayonara on Saturdaymorning about 10.30 a.m.


Captainsdinner will be served at Restaurant ‘de Brabander’ Hindeloopen

We’ll dine in a small-scale and cosy restaurant (all in typical ‘Hylper Style’) in the former mayorhouse. At warmly weather in the garden and otherwise in the house chamber. We’ve made a reservation yet for 30 persons. For logistics of the small kitchen and eating together on the same time, we’ve made our decision for a fixed dinner that will be served in buffet-style with various fish and beef.

Update ownerslist
For the most current data a new list of ships and owners have been added.

In the confidence that Zeus, Apollo and Aeolus will be favourable with us,
So long at Hindeloopen.



Kindly regards, all the best,


Arjen van Boekel en Joost van ’t Hull
Board Alcyone Circle