Newsletter nr. 38 – December 1995

We are getting organized! This is the second time that we have been able to send our best wishes to you for the coming year before the year has started. May 1996 be as beautiful as 1995.

Winter Meeting January 1996
The winter meeting 1996 will be held in Drachten(Friesland) in the fine Council Hall of the Grand Café/Restaurant ‘t Smelnehus on the 27th of January. As a result of illness of our Chairman and the fact that several locations were no available on the particular date we chose ‘t Smelnehus once more. You will find ‘ t Smulnehus at Moleneind in Drachten.

The members and their ‘crews’ will be welcome from 18.00 hours onwards. Over the well known drinks the events of the past season and th plans for the future could be exchanged.

Dinner will be served at approximately 19.00 hours. The costs of the dinner will ƒ 45,– per person. Please note that this sum does not include any consumption.

After dinner there will be ample opportunity to discuss points raised earlier in the evening. An important issue will be the date and place of the summer reunion 1996. Should the reunion take place in Enkuizen again or should it be organized in another town, for instance Hoorn, Muiden, or Hindelopen.

As we would like to know the number of members coming, those members, who have decided to participate, are kindly requested to notify us as soon as possible, but at the 1st of January 1996, using the form included.

It would be highly appreciated if members who have decided not to come will advise us accordingly as soon as possible.

The administration likes to remind the members to pay their contribution. It was decided that members who have a backlog in paying their contribution for four years or more will no longer receive the newsletter. The yearly contribution will be ƒ 20.–, DEM.–, £8.–, or US $12.– to be paid to our postgiro nr. 3721241 of the Alcyone Circle in Poeinde, Friesland. As the account of our organization has reached its bottom, you are kindly asked to pay as soon as possible. If you want to pay your contribution by cheque please use an international money-order. The costs of cashing a check from abroad are almost as high as the amount to be paid.