Newsletter nr. 37 – April 1994

As the summer season of 1993 was quite bad it was not necessary to wish you all a good and especially a dry 1994. That is the main reason why this newsletter is later than usual. Much worse weather than last year is hardly possible. Knowing this a beautiful season lies ahead of us.

Summer Meeting 1994
The summer meeting 1994 will be held at Enkhuizen in the weekend of the 15th of June 1994. A nice dinner will be organized for approximately ƒ 40,– drinks not included. Detailed information will follow. Opportunity is there to meet in the evening of the 14th. The palaver will be held at 10.30 hours on saturday the 25th. At the palaver it will be discussed what kind of tour will be held, it does not necessarily have to be a race. This time the meaning of the tour is not to be the fastest but to be the one who sails the most beautiful way and also makes sure to be back on time in the harbour. Yachts with an approximate speed of more than 8 knots are expelled from the tour beforehand.

As we would like to know the number o members coming, these members, who have decided to participate, are kindly requested to notify us as soon as possible, but at the latest on the 1st of june, using the form included. It would be highly appreciated if members who have decided not to come will advise us accordingly as soon as possible.

Wintermeeting February
We like to notify beforehand that you are expected to be present at a castle or homestead in the far north (it might even be Friesland) in February 1995. Further information about this will follow. Subjects that will be under discussion are added in the appendix. The reason of mentioning these subjects now is that we might receive your appreciated reactions and comments on the meeting in June.

New Sections
It is the intention of the Administration to enlarge the newsletter with two new sections.
a) Section, exclusively for members, in which can be asked or offered parts for the boats.
b) Section in which members keep each other and the Administration informed about the where about of “forgotten ships and members.” Of this section we will five a try by adding a perhaps interesting part from the book “Own a Steel Boat,” written by Mike Pratt. Mr. A. C. von Boekel recently received this from Mr. Ian Hooke when he found out that the “Avalon” was bought by Mr. A. C. Boekel.

The administration likes to remind the members to pay their contribution. It was decided that members who have a backlog in paying their contribution for four years or more will no longer receive the newsletter. The yearly contribution will be ƒ 20.–, DEM 20.–, £7.–, or US $ 10.– to be paid to our postgiro nr. 3721241 o the Alcyone Circle in Haarlem. If you want to pay your contribution by cheque please use an international money-order. The costs of cashing a cheque from abroad are almost as high as the amount to be paid.

A new administration
Thanks to the never ending care of a number of our members the newsletter with the invitation of the yearly winter meeting appears. Next to this there are members who come up with all kinds of proposals with an infinite energy.

Never the less information reaches us about a dozing dullness or otherwise appearings that upset the energy balance.

In other words there is a need for fresh blood, new ideas, a widening of the horizon. The Administration feels that management of four members is desired, that will make the Alcyone Circle again both national as well as international (after all we are an international club, aren’t we?)
AN article c.g. a number of articles in the “waterkampioen” or in “Spiegal der Zeilvaart”

In one of our contacts with the editorial staff of the magazine “Spiegal der Zeilvaart” we introduced the idea to make one or a series of articles about the Alcyone/Cormorant. Subjects about the designer, the sip-yard, the complete renovation of the Avalon were looked upon with great interest. At the beginning of 1995 we will make contact again with the editorial staff.

Also the “Waterkampioen” had shown great interest, but this requires more “homework” like editing the articles ourselves.

Anyway it is a unique opportunity to profile ourselves outside and make others part of our love for those ships.

Never the less all archives and brain cells of our friends of the first hour of the club must be activated if we want to create a good and sound article.

Publishing of a book with the title “Alcyone, a modern steel-built Grundeljacht”
The plan includes a book with photographs, drawing and information about the designer builder, all yachts that still sail and the present

Administration. Every Alcyone I en II and every Cormorant will have a page with the following items.

Photograph of the yacht, building number, building year, Name of the one who had the yacht built, former owners and the name, address, residence, of the present owner.

Furthermore information about square metres of sail, weight, engine and all other particularities about journeys, happening, adjustments, and so on.

In other words a sound but especially a visual attractive and readable book of reference for anyone who is affected with that special Alcyone/ Cormorant feeling.

We are in need of sponsors, donators, detectives, typists, editors, business men and all that is needed to make a success of it. If we all want, this beautiful book can be ready within two years. A best seller, if you like.