Newsletter nr. 40 – February 1997

Imagine a summer like last year, wouldn’t that be something. And although the water may be still frozen our boats and crews are eager to sail again.

Winter meeting 1st March 1997
The winter meeting 1997 will be held at the Apollohotel in Amsterdam, at the Apollolaan2, 1077 BA Amsterdam; Tel. +31 20 6735922. We are expecting you at approximately 18.00 hours on the 1 of March. We chose this date because it gives you the opportunity to visit the HISWA-event. As we would like to know the number of people coming, those members who have decided to participate are kindly requested to notify us as soon as possible using the form included.
It would be highly appreciated if members who have decided not to come will advise us accordingly.

The administration likes to remind the members to pay their contribution. It was decided that members who have a backlog in paying their contribution for four years or more will no longer receive the newsletter.

The yearly contribution will be ƒ20.–, DEM 20.–, £8.–, or US$12.– to be paid to our postgiro nr. 3721241 of the Alcyone Circle in Opeinde, Friesland.

If you want to pay your contribution by cheque please use an international money-order. The costs of cashing a cheque from abroad are almost as high as the amount to be paid.