Newsletter nr. 30 – June 1988

oldnewsheadWintermeeting 5 March 1988
The annual Wintermeeting was held in the Apollo Hotel in Amsterdam and some forty members attended the meeting. Among them were Dr. Wiemer and Mrs. Wiemer who recently had joined the Alcyone Circle and to whom we wish once again to extend our welcome.
After the initial drinks and pleasantries the captains held a palaver and one of the main aspects of the discussion was the approaching Summer reunion.

It was decided not to take part in the William and Mary Cruise due to valid reasons presented by the members. The proposal of Ian Hooke was also decided against for the same reasons. In particular, the fact that holidays were already planned made us decide that the summer reunion would be held in September.

Another point raised at the palaver was the large backlog of members late in paying their annual fees. This point was brought forward by the “Administration” and was thoroughly discussed. It was decided that the “Administration” is, if need be, entitled to increase fees to enable the Alcyone Circle to continue functioning at its present standard. It was also decided that in the future members would be clearly informed, if any backlog in payment did exist. In case of non-payment it was concluded by all members present that distribution of the newsletter to those concerned would be stopped.

After the palaver the reunion ended with an enjoyable meal and the “Administration” looks back on the an extremely successful evening; because of this the “Administration” sent a letter of appreciation to the Apollo Hotel.

Summer Reunion 1988
In order to offer many members the opportunity to take part, the IJsselmeer has been chosen as the location.
Time and place: Marken on Friday 23rd September ± 18.00 hours.
The “Havenmeester” has been notified of our arrival

Our schedule for the weekend is as follows:
Friday evening: “The invasion of Marken” discussions

11.00 hours palaver
12.30 hours departure from Marken
13.00 hours commence race
17.30 hours arrival in Hoorn*
19.00 hours dinner in the Waag**

11.00 hours palaver
12.00 hours departure
* Mooring space has been reserved for the Alcyone Circle in the “Grashaven” in Hoorn.
** Dinner will be held in restaurant “De Waag” in Hoorn in the room on the 2nd floor and will amount to DFL 35.– per person.

News about Ships and Owners
Mr. van der Flier has ended his membership of the “circle”. We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all his hard work for the “circle”, specifically preparations for Sail ‘75, ‘80 and ‘85.

As was informed in the previous newsletter the new owner of “Van Linschoten” is Dr. C. Wiemer; the ship is now called “Zeebeer” and is based in Lauwersoog.

The new owner of “Sven” is Prof. W. Lammers, Meerkoetlaan 25, 2765 TC Paterswolde, Tel. 05907-1459. The ship will be renamed “Panacea”.

From this month onwards, Mr. A. Maris is the owner of the “Jacqan”, which is now called “Santa Maria” and is based in Woudrichem. The address of Mr. A. Maris is Waaldijk 43, 5313 AK Nieuwaal, Tel. 04187-1718.

Contact address:
HHG van ‘t Hull
and E. van Drunen
Krokusstraat 14
2015 AG Haarlem
Tel. 023-328445

Account Information
Account: Postgiro 3721241
Alcyone Circle
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2015 AG Haarlem