Letter to the Circle – R.W. May – February 5th, 1988

established 1890

Telephone: BASINGSTOKE 850221Pitt Hall Farm
Reg. No. 32046 (England)Ramsdell
V.A.T. No. 199 2680 11Basingstoke.
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5th February 1988

H H G van ’t Hull Esq
Krokusstraat 14
2015 AG Haarlem
The Netherlands

Dear Mr. van ’t Hull

Thank you for the Alcyone Circle newsletter. I am afraid we will be unable to attend the Annual Meet, but would like you to make a note on your next list of Ships and Owners that MERHONOUR’s home port is Hamble, near Southampton.

If any of your members decide to go on the William and Mary Cruise, and would like to stop off at Hamble for a “mini-meet,” I would be happy to arrange it.

You will be interested to know that this year, MERHONOUR left England from Newhaven, crossed the Channel to the River Somme in France, took the inland waterways to Strasbourg and returned via Belgium to Calais, before returning to England to the River Thames, through London, and ending up near Guildford on the River Way.

I hope you have a successful meeting, in March.

Yours Sincerely,
R. W. May

P.S. I enclosed a years subscription to “Alcyone Circle.”