Newsletter nr. 2 – April 1964

oldnewsheadNews about the Rally
The following program has been planned:

Saturday 25th July 1964.
The owners attending are requested to bring their yacht before 11:30 to the harbour of the Royal Netherlands Sailing and Rowing Club at Muiden (S.W. coast Ysselmeer).

11:30 Meeting of owners and crews in clubhouse. At this meeting directions and information concerning the rally and the trip to Volendam will be given.

12:30 Departure. Rendez-vous at the Isle of Pampus.

13:00 Start for the trip to Volendam. According to weather conditions and the wishes of the owners races can be held, demonstrations given, photographs taken.

Arrival at Volendam between 17:00 and 18:00.

19:30 Dinner in Hotel Diepen.

Sunday 26th July 1964.
11:00 Departure for a place, which will be chosen according to weather conditions. Ships will moore alongside.

End of rally.

Those, who will return to Muiden can join a dinner with other “Alcyone Circle” people.”

Some general information.
1. Mr. Gunning with Alcyone II will be present as a guest at our rally.
2. Dr. Rempt – abroad at the time of the rally – has put his yacht Cormorant at the disposal of the Valentijn family. So the Valentijns can be present and have the opportunity of seeing a great number of the ships they have built and we have the opportunity to see a great deal of the Valentijns. They are guests of our circle.
3. Yachts can be secured in the harbour of the Royal Netherlands Sailing and Rowing Club, Muiden from Sunday 19th July.
4. Costs of the dinner (wine included) in Vilendam will amount to approximately ƒ 15, – a head.
5. In reply to our circular letter sent out in the autumn 1963 the owners of the following yachts answered that they intended to join rally:
“Alcyone I” class: “Alcyone I”, “Caecilia” and “Banckert”.
“Alcyone II” class: “AlcyoneII”, “Blue Griffin”, “Dotterblume”, “Duyfke”, “Iron Duke”.
“Cormorant” class: “Cormorant”, “Fanny’s Puffin”, “Frinke”, “L 85”.

News about the Assembly.
The assembly will be held either Saturday after arrival, or Sunday-morning before departure from Volendam.
Points for discussion are:

    1. election of a committee
    2. name of the club
    3. contribution
    4. objects of the club
    5. next rally and
    6. any other business.

News about Ships and Owners.
1. Mr. Gunning has made some modifications in his design for the yachts of the “Alcyone I” and “Alcyone II” class. These modifications consist in the cutting away of the forward deadwood under the waterline and in the reduction of the centerboard area. It is expected, that these alterations will make the ships more easy on their weather helm.

“Alcyone II” is modified according to the new design. “Banckert” (now being built) has been modified on the same line but in addition the bowline has been fined by raising the bottomplate forward similar to the “Cormorant” class.

In “Alcyone II” Mr. Gunning has also fitted the gipsy-wheel against the port side of the tabernacle and has placed his chain locker in the aft corner of the lavatory.

2. By mistake it was reported in nr. 1 Newsletter, that “Fanny’s Puffin” is stationed in the Mediterranean. She is up till now in Valentijn’s Shipyard. Our apologies to Mr. Wyndham Hewitt.

3. “Gypsy Lass” has been sold to Mr. A. H. J. Dijkgraaf, Hacquartstraat 28, Amsterdam Z. Mr. Dijkgraaf is now a member of our circle.

4. The Ship (“L 83”) Mr. Bueters ordered has been named “Frinke”. She made her trails on 18.4.64. We saw her returning from her trails who proved to be very successful. Mr. and Mrs. Bueters looked very happy and “Frinke” was a wonderful sight for a yachtsman’s eye. She will be commissioned 25.4.64.

5. “Banckert” will be delivered in May.

6. Mr. J. Huurman, Charlotte van Montsierlaan, Amstelveen ordered a Cormorant-type hull (L 87) and will finish her off himself.

7. Mr. E. A. Kunz, Rooseveltaan 189, Amsterdam Z ordered a Cormorant-type yacht (L 88); she will be named “Calypso”?

8. Mr. Irving P. Gove intends to sail “Langeraar” across the Atlantic and bring her to the United States.

9. “Sayonara” is for sale (15,000 U.S.$). She is now in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. This ship is the only one of Alcyone II class with a length of 45 feet.

Please send eventual correspondence to:
Mr. B. van der Ploeg
Jacob Mulderweg 22
Den Haag 1A – Holland.