Newsletter nr. 1 – January 1964

oldnewsheadNews about the Alcyone Circle
At the initiative of some yacht owners a circular letter was sent to all owners and future owners of yachts designed by Mr. M.F. Gunning.
Fourteen owners (see “List of Ships and Owners” marked with $) responded in the affirmative to the questions concerning the desirability of founding a kind of association.

On December 14th last a meeting for the Dutch members was held in Amsterdam. The following resolutions were passed:

  1. As a name of the association was suggested “Alcyone Circle” (Dutch: Alcyone Kring).
  2. A rally will be held on the 25th and 26th July 1964.
  3. A provisional working-committee (members: Mr. van Marle, Mr. Bueters, Mr. Rempt and Mr. van der Ploeg, the latter attending secretarial duties) is set up.
  4. At the rally a committee will be chosen by all members present. An assembly at the rally will perhaps appear not to be attractive but the chosen committee must know how members think about goals, policy, contribution, etc.
  5. A newsletter will be sent out at least once a year.

News about Ships and Owners
“Spurwing” and Fanny’s “Puffin” are now stationed in the Mediterranean after a most interesting trip.

From the U.S.A. we heard in a letter from Mr. Eduard H. Bullerjahn:

“it may amuse you to realize that a Grundel yacht in America is a fabulous beast. We have collected the opinions of passers-by and other yachtsmen and to date we have been called: a Chinese Junk, a Sampan, an Arabian Dhow, a Yugoslav Fisherman, a Greek Sponge Boat and just this week end, a Japanese Fisherman.

Part of this confusion may be ascribed to the fact that we have fitted brails on our mainsail in the manner of Scandinavian fishing craft”.

A List of Ships and Owners is added to this newsletter

Next Newsletter
Next newsletter will give particulars about the place where the rally on the 25th and 26th July will be held (probably in the vicinity of Muiden) and the program of the rally and the assembly.

It will be much appreciated if members will forward news, etc. of interest for their fellow-members for publication in our newsletter. Please send eventual correspondence to:
Mr. B. van der Ploeg
Jacob Mulderweg 22
Den Haag 1A – Holland