Newsletter nr. 3 – July 1964

oldnewsheadOwing the launching and commissioning of “Banckert”, combined with urgent professional duties, Mr. van der Ploeg was unable to compile the Newsletter. Mr. Frank Bueters acts for him this time in an effort to meet the standard of the original author.

News about the Rally
The program as given in Newsletter No. 2 is unchanged so far and Mr. van Marle already booked a special dining room in the Hotel “van Diepen”.

During dinner no special dress will be worn. Ladies are suggested to wear summerdress. Gentleman in blazer or blue suit.

The following members will be present at the Rally:
Alcyone I Type: Mr. van Marle and party
Mr. van der Ploeg and party
Mr. R.W. Rogers.
Alcyone II Type: Prof. Dr. J. F. ten Doesschate and party
Mr. Furnee (sailing-party only)
Ir. Gunning and Mrs. Gunning as guest of our Circle
Mr. Lühl and party
Capt. Sanders and party
Cormorant Type: Mr. Ahrend and party
Mr. Bueters and party
Dr. Pollock and party
Mr. and Mrs. Will Valentijn will join on the “Cormorant” of Dr. Rempt.
Mr. and Mrs. Baron Bentinck will be present during the opening of the Rally.

A Revised List of Ships and Owners, detailing the latest changes in Ownership is an annex to this Newsletter. It may be learnt from this List, that “cormorant” type yachts sell so fast, that the Yard’s building program for 1966 is almost full by now.

News about Ships and Owners
1. “Banckert”.
The launching of this ship took place Thursday afternoon June 11th 1964, in the presence of over 40 guests. This launching, executed by Mrs. Carry van der Ploeg was surely the happiest and most unforgettable event that happened on this yard for a long period.

When Mrs. van der Ploeg at about 5:50 p.m. proceeded to do the christening, carrying a beautiful bunch of flowers presented by her Mother and also by Mrs. Will Valentijn, the future Ships Master discovered his nervous omission to take the champagne with him.

Having hurriedly acquired same somewhere in the “Hinterland” of Langeraer Mrs. van der Ploeg a little later charmingly proceeded with the christening of “Banckert” and everybody now enjoyed the ship taking to the water.

It then appeared what a beautiful ship “Banckert” is. The happy occasion was thoroughly celebrated in the Yard by the Owner and Family, all friends and guests, amongst which especially be mentioned Ir Gunning and the complete Valentijn Family including “Grand Mother” Valentijn and all the Yard’s employees.

Of the various friendly speeches may particularly be mentioned the gracious words of Mrs. van der Ploeg to the Master of the Ship stating that he long possessed the key of her heart, but that she now handed him her very last key, i.e. a special cabin key of “Banckert” as a token of his complete Mastership.

Not only one of the most unforgettable and important days for Mr. ans Mrs. van der Ploeg, but surely for everybody present it was heartwarming celebration.

As to “Banckert” itself, she is fitted out with the standard aircooled 3.cylinder 13 BHP Lister diesel engine. The propeller is however oversized, with a diameter of ± 450 mm.

The engineroom is separated by a steel bulk head. Special is also an A.C. Generator of 40 Amps. Lighting and heating by bottled gas. Electric light is fitted extra. As already mentioned in Newsletter Nr. 2 “Banckert” has been modified in her lines.

During trails on June 13th, she was sailed by Ir. Gunning who expressed himself to be content with the improvements and very satisfied with her performances. Still the question arises, whether she will be faster than “Frinke”. This may be tried out during the rally!

2. “Caecilia”.
Mr. and Mrs. van Marle and friends are touring the Baltic for appr. a month, and started somewhere around June 15th.

3. “Carapace”
Mr. Bullerjahn in his letter of May 7th as follows:
“We expect to launch the 15th of May and to move aboard permanently June 1st for the entire summer. We find living down 1” styrofoam on the cabin sole, covering this with a teak parquet. Our waters here are so cold that condensation was something of a problem. We have also added an early 19th Century faience and brass wood-burning yacht fireplace, rather nicer than that which the famous schooner “America” has in her saloon. We have had great success with out brailed mainsail and I shall be interested to hear of any other owner who has experimented with this arrange ment. My wife and I find this a very good solution for short-handed sailing in any weather.

I do hope that there will be some way of obtaining photographs of the rally as it would be of great interest to see the Fleet. Best wishes for a successful rally, and regrets that we cannot join you this summer.”

4. “Frinke”.
Some details of non-standard equipment:
She is fitted out with a “Coventry Victor” flat twin diesel, with keel cooling, 30 BHP at 2000 revs/min.

Since the family includes three children between the age of 5 and 9, and the ship will regularly sail the troubled waters of “Ijsselmeer” and “Wadden”, this engine was chosen to be somewhat overpowered for a normal auxiliary engine, to be used for maneuvering in and out at harbours etc.

Lighting and heating by bottled gas, while one electric light is fitted next to the cabin’s entrance.

An “Air Guide” Compass, type “Columbia” is fitted inside the cabin, which can be read from the cockpit through porthole glass.

The owner, used to sailing keel-yachts, is quite satisfied with her sailing abilities. The arrival of “Banckert”, is quite satisfied with her sailing abilities. The arrival of “Bankert” on the Westeinder lake on June 15th, was met by Ir Gunning with Alcyone II and Frinke when Frinke proved to be slightly faster then Alcyone II.

5. “Sayonara”.
Mr. van Olphen and family depart July 18th to Mallorca to sail “Sayonara”.

Kindly forward correspondence to:
Mr. B. van der Ploeg
Jacob Mulderweg 22
Den Haag. 1A – Holland.