Newsletter nr. 17b – March 1975

oldnewsheadSail Amsterdam 700
During our wintermeeting 1975 a plan was put forward to participate with a number of Gunning ships in the SAIL AMSTERDAM 700 event.
In 1975 Amsterdam will celebrate its 700 years of existence. It was in fact in 1275 that the Count of Holland, Floris V, signed a charter granting the people who were living around the “dam” in the river Amstel freedom from all tolls, thus laying the foundation for the future development of the hamlet that was to become the capital of the Netherlands.

During the whole of 1975 Amsterdam will be a festive town. One of the highlights will be the event SAIL AMSTERDAM 700.
From 15th to 19th August many well known tall ships will stay at the port of Amsterdam, together with some 200 ships of the Stichting Stambook Ronde -en Platbodem – jachten.

The large ships will be berthed alongside the quays of the IJhaven near the Passenger terminal. The flatbottoms will occupy the Oosterdok.
Some very large training ships will be present such as:
Kruzenshtern Russia 5725 NRT 114 metres 265 men
Amerigo Vespucci Italy 4200 NRT 101 metres 450 men
Sagres Portugal 1869 NRT 90 metres 219 men
and about 40 ships smaller than 500 tons of many nationalities. Also a fleet of traditional inland cargo carrying sailing barges.

In the same port area the dockworkers and others who make their living in and around the port of Amsterdam will celebrate. No doubt a scenery where Alcyone Circle members will feel at home with their yacht!

On our request to allow Gunning ships to participate in this event, the committee Sail Amsterdam 700 has given a favourable reply. All we have to do is to submit a list of participating yachts and an indication of the number of crew. It is suggested to have this list available before the 25th of April to enable the harbourmaster to make his stowage plan for the IJhaven.

A provisional programme is attached to this newsletter. The committee brought forward that only a limited number of representatives of the Alcyone Circle Yachts will receive an invitation for the various receptions.

Friday, August 15, 1975
Forenoon: Arrival of the Tall ships at Ymuiden roads:
Parade of the Tall Ships through the North Sea Canal,
from Ymuiden to Amsterdam.
Afternoon: Official Reception by Major and Aldermen.

Saturday, August 16, 1975
Forenoon &
Afternoon: Competitive events for teams from the Tall Ships.
Afternoon*: Parade of Sail by traditional inland cargo carrying sailing barges.
Evening: Mock battle by traditional sailing craft.
Firework display
Festive events ashore

Sunday, August 17, 1975
Forenoon: Ecumenical Service in the Lutheran Church, Amsterdam
Afternoon*: Waterborne Tattoo by traditional sailing craft, while the
Amsterdam Philharmonic Orchestra plays the “Watermusic” by
G.F. Handel, on a floating pontoon.
Evening: Cocktail party followed possibly by dinner for Ships
Captains and Officers.

Monday, August 18, 1975
Forenoon &
Afternoon: Excursions and sightseeing tours.

Tuesday, August 19, 1975
Forenoon: S.T.A. race Ymuiden – Smiths Knoll Buoy – Den Helder (if there are enough competitors.

* We would highly appreciate if square-riggers would carry on sail handling demonstrations between 2 and 3 pm.

You will notice that on August 19th, the Sail Training Association will organize an Ymuiden – Smiths Knoll Buoy – Den Helder race. Our ships can enter for this race, provided 50% of the crew is younger than 21 years.