Newsletter nr. 18 – December 1975

oldnewsheadWintermeeting January 1976
All members and their crews are invited again to have our wintermeeting in the hospitable house of Mrs. H.A. Kijkgraaf, Apollolaan 1, Amsterdam. This meeting will be held on Saturday the 31st of January next and will exactly start at 8 o’clock in the evening. Please do come in time! We hope many members of our circle will be present.

Those who want to come are kindly requested to inform Mrs. Dijkgraaf, telephone number 020-716606. We should highly appreciate that those members who have very good films or slides of their voyages of last summer to take those with them and contact Wil Valentijn who will make it possible for us to show them.

Sail Amsterdam
Sail Amsterdam was quite a success. About 1,000,000 people have seen this grand show of those tall ships. 7 of our members were present with their boats at this great show. Our thanks to Mr. van der Flier, who did so much for us in this connection.

Summer Rally 1976
We hope to have a rally next summer again, when all the Gunning boats, their owners and their crews are welcome.
The idea is to meet during one of the weekends next summer. At the wintermeeting on January the 31st, we might hear what the wishes are as to which weekend. Where the rally will be held is not certain yet. There are plans to have it near Gorinchem, but these are very vague. As soon as possible we shall give exact information to all owners of the boats.

Jan Valentijn
On the 8th of November Jan Valentijn was for 40 years in the Valentijn yard and held a reception in “Dorpshuis” of Ter Aar, to commemorate this fact. Many people were present at this pleasant and crowded reception. Amongst them we saw many members of our circle. The Alcyone Circle gave Jan some flowers and a “boekenbon” of ƒ 40,–, the same number as his worked years in the yard. We gladly wish him still many years at the wharf, so we all may enjoy his fine paint work on our ships.

News from the ships
Quite a lot of ships got a new owner this year.

The “Avalon” had been sold to Major WT Woolrych, RHA of London; The “Sea Gypsy” to Mr. James K Walker of Springdale, Australia, who renamed her “Cicci”; The “Gay Louise of Langeraar” to Mr. P. van der Draaij of Woerden; The Gwenllian” to Dr. AJM van der Werf of Abcoude; The “Teddy’s Puffin” to Dr. RGM van der Veld of Zwolle; and the “Vrouwe Martijntje” to Mr. J Th. M Dokman of Gorinchem. We are glad to welcome the new owners in our circle and we hope to see them often at our meetings and rallies.

Dr. Gert Hackstein made an interesting trip through the canals and lakes of South Sweden and back to Kiel over the Baltic with his “Eti Fürstin über Punt”. Attached to this newsletter is the story of this fine trip.

Mr. van Marle sailed the “Caecilia” from Muiden in Holland to the Mediterranean and the Adriatic this summer. He hopes to sail to Greece next summer.

The Van’t Hull brothers, Herman, Henk, Paul, and Joost and a friend of theirs sailed the “Vita Nova” from Muiden to the Isle of Wight and Beaulieu River this summer. On their way back they sailed up the Thames to the Tower Bridge in London. Thereafter they got difficulties with their engine and using the sails only they managed to sail back to Ostend and Flushing. Bravo!

Owners of ships are kindly requested to pay their subscriptions (£ 2.-., DM 15.-, or Hfl. 15.–) into the account of the Alcyone Circle at Lind, Jarman, Westerouen, van Meeteren N.V., Amsterdam; Postgiro 25816. Our thanks in advance.