Newsletter nr. 17 – March 1975

oldnewsheadThe 1974 Rally
On Friday, August 16th, the following yachts were present at the yacht harbour of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Zeil – en Roeivereniging, Muiden:
Alcyone I RW Rogers, Horton Kirby
Banckert Drs. KT Broekens, Tiel
Bataviae Princeps WA Verbon
Caecilia Mr. JCM van Marle, Amsterdam
Spurwing Sir Percy Wyn Harris, Woodbridge
Helena Anna sailed by Wil Valentijn
Alcyone II E Jannink, Buurse
Aton II JP Kloos, Haarlem
Hooge Springer B. van hees, Heemstede
Van Linschoten Mr. H Baron Collot d’Escury, Amsterdam
Majella Ir. H. Liebert, Hook Heath
Vita Nova Mr. G. van’t Hull, Amsterdam
Zeekameel Ir. AC Dros, Amersfoort
Botnia H. Lettinga, Woerden
Frank Justin AFJ Schaap, Loosdrecht
Jacqan J van der Flier, Soest
Teddy’s Puffin JJ Bruining, Gorinchem
We had a pleasant evening, talking to old and new friends.

Saturday morning we had the captains “palaver” and then we all met in the club for a cup of coffee. At about 12 o’clock we were off for the regatta.

The “Helena Anna” was the startship near the buoy at the end of the Pampus shoal. We had good weather and a very favourable wind brought us to 52º 28’ 30” N. 50º 13’ 12” W. where we rounded the “Helena anna” and then sailed back to the finish near the Pampus buoy where we once again found the fast “Helena Anna”, ready to note thearrivals. Of the Alcyone type the “Banckert” was the first and of the Cormorants the “Teddy’s Puffin”.

With a view on the death of our enthusiast member Mr. AFJ Dijkgraaf, who even in the hospital insisted on lending us his ship for the regatta, we had no festival dinner in Volendam, as originally intended. Instead we went back to the yacht harbour in Muiden.
Sunday the weather was again good and all ships sailed in the direction of the Marken lighthouse. About half a mile southwest of it we anchored for the sherry party, where we had great fun. It was still dry when we went back, but not for a very long time.
Wintermeeting on Saturday, February 8, 1975

We highly appreciated the fact that Mrs. dijkgraaf had invited us again in her hospitable home where we had already so many meetings. About 36 members and their crews were present at this really fine evening. After some drinks and a very good meal several members showed their colour slides. In between all the owners of the boats which were present at the 1974 rally received a beautiful silver commemorative medal with the inscription “Gunning Regatta 1974” and a violet ribbon with the same words on it. It was really a fine evening which all of us shall remember.

Summer Cruise 1975
Some owners of our boats expressed on the wintermeeting the idea to sail together in the summer of 1975 to England. Cruising with a few ships sailing at about the same speed is really a fine thing. Mr. van’t Hull intended to go about the 15th July. Owners who might be interested to join are kindly requested to contact Wil Valentijn as soon as possible.

Aton II
From Mr. JP Kloos we received the following quite interesting story of his adventures with “Aton” in 1974 when trying to enter the harbour of Helgoland.

In July 1974 the “Aton II” has made a small trip; small under the influence of prevailing headwinds. She sailed, with her skipper and an excellent crew of 2 men, Enkhuizen – den Oever – den Helder – Helgoland – Hörnum (on the isle of Sylt) – Borkum – Noordpolderzijl across the Wantij; Lauwersoog across the Wantij – Leeuwarden – the Friesian lakes – Staveren and in her homewaters back to Enkhuizen.
Starting from den Helder on the 9th of July at 05.00 AM she arrived at midnight on the position 53º 54’ N and 6º 52’ E to have her landfall at Helgoland on the 10th of July at 08.00 AM.

Her entrance at the harbour was interesting. The harbour is located at the SE side of the isle. The outer harbour is surrounded by walls with stone basements; the walls form a kind of short channel that was at that moment straight at the wind direction, force 5. Her motor had been started a quarter of an hour before entering the harbour. When being in the middle of the entrance her staysail has been taken down and the crew intended ot do the same with the main sail. The skipper wanted to make the screw of the motor turning at that moment, but nothing happened. There was now the immediate possibility, that the ship losing speed should bear away without sufficient headway to avoid the stone shoals and the walls. So the skipper said: “Well, yet I don’t know what to do” or something like that. However, he remembered suddenly what he always did, when sailing single-handed and taking down sails – namely letting down the centreboard completely. When this was done, the ship first lost headway and went slowly backwards without any wish to bear away to either side. So she drew back from the narrow harbour entrance abour 50 fathoms; now it was possible to put once more her staysail and beating she arrive safely, sailing, in the innerharbour alongside a ship of the Sea Air Rescue, SAR.

One of the members of the crew of this ship was so kind to come aboard to look after the technical complication. It turned out that the only reason of the screw not working could have been that a fuse of the electrical switchboard was turned loose and had fallen in the cockpit. When the fuse was again fixed, everything worked perfectly as from the start.

The skipper learned two things:
1. Even the smallest particle of a ship may cause great difficulties (what he knew already) and
2. an Alcyone, with her centreboard far ahead, is perhaps the only ship, that could be taken backwards and avoid damage.

Ships and Owners
The “Carapace” is sold and she received her old name of “Kind Wind” again from the new owner Mr. J. Trenholm of Attleborough, Mass., USA.

The “Dorothy” is now owned by Mr. W. Schwartz of Merum-Herten, and the “Annabel” is bought by Mr. James W. Taylor of Edinburgh.

The “Zeepaard” also changed from owner and name. She is now called “Botnia”. The new owner is Mr. JA Lettinga of Woerden.

Mr. H. Liebert bought the “Majella” of Mr. Sörensen and sold his “Eenhoorn” to Mr. JJ Stenger of the Hague, who gave her the name “Cormorant”, this being the original name of the first ship of this class.

A word of welcome to all the new owners. We hope and expect they will enjoy many good days on their ships. They will all be very welcome on our rallies and other meetings.

Revised List of Ships and Owners
A revised list detailing the latest changes of ownership and addresses is annexed to this Newsletter.

Sorry, but we need some money.
So Yacht Owners are kindly requested to pay their 19765 contribution of £ 1.-.- or ƒ 10.- (Dutch florin) to the account of the “Alcyone Circle” with:
Messrs. Lind, Jarman & Westerouen van Meeteren N.V.
(Postgiro 25816)