Newsletter nr. 14 – February 1971

oldnewsheadRally 1970
The rally was held during the weekend of Saturday, August 22nd and Sunday, August 23rd.

On Friday evening, quite a lot of ships had already arrived in the “Koninklijke” yacht harbour in Muiden. On Saturday morning, all the captains and crews met for a cup of coffee on the balcony of the clubhouse. The following were present: “Alcyone I”, “Caecilia”, “Helena Anna”, “Spurwing”, “Blue Griffin”, “Dotterblume”, “Oogwaai”, “Vita Nova”, “Zeekameel”, “Eenhoorn”, “Frank Justin”, “Jacon”, “Koet”, “Marmara”, and “Zeepaard”.

At about 12 noon we set sail from the harbour. There was not much wind, but the yachts managed somehow to get out of the mouth of the river and onto the IJsselmeer. Near the island of Pampus, we were forced to use our engines, and so approached the Marken lighthouse, where we tried to sail for some miles. Not very much progress was made under sail, but thanks to our engines we all arrived in the harbour of Hoorn. Near Hoorn, we met up with “Margaretha”, who had come from Friesland and had not been able to join us sooner because of the lack of wind. In Hoorn we were all able to moor together in the harbour of the Watersport Vereniging Hoorn.

At about 8 o’clock we assembled in the Schouwburg restaurant, where we heard a fine speech from Sir Percy Wyn Harris, and enjoyed an excellent dinner.

The following morning, Sunday, we were more successful with our sailing than on the previous day. A light northerly wind blew, and the ships made a beautiful sight, all with their jibs set on the weather side. It was also good to see several ships from abroad – viz. “Spurwing”, “Blue Griffin”, “Koet” and “Dotterblume”.

Just in time for a glass of sherry, we all arrived in the Gouwzee, where we all anchored alongside each other in the shelter of the dyke. As well as the sherry, Captain Sanders had prepared the most beautiful “eats”, and apparently many other people had done the same. So we all had a most enjoyable time, walking from ship to ship and looking at their various gadgets. We left each other at about 3 o’clock, and – wonder of wonders – a fresh breeze sprang up and brought us safely and thankfully to Muiden.

A fine end of a fine weekend!

Winter Meeting 1971
On Saturday, February 13th, at 8 o’clock in the evening, we hope to see each other again at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Sandberg, Loekoekalaan 3, Wassenaar. All members of our circle are welcome, but please telephone Mrs. Sandberg first. (01751-9721).

“Blue Griffin” Cruise 1970
As an annex to this newsletter, we are sending you parts of the interesting log which captain CB Sanders made of his journey over the “Wadden” to Denmark and back.

News from the Wharf
Nol Valentijn and his wife celebrated their silver wedding anniversary on October 11th, 1970, in Langeraar. After the service in the church, the silver bride and bridegroom held a reception, where we saw many members of the Alcyone Circle. From the Circle Nol and his wife received the gift of a pick-up for their gramophone.

Ships and Owners
This summer, a new Alcyone II type will be built for Dr. Hackenstein of Krefeld in Germany. We shall be glad to welcome him and his ship to our circle.

Mr. HP Sturm has sold “Dorothy” to Mr. Werner E. Siemens of Espelkamp (Germany) and had bought “Cormorant” from Dr. F. Rempt. Dr. Rempt was a founder-member of our circle. Many thanks, Dr. Rempt, for all you have done for the Alcyone Circle.

“Fanny’s Puffin” is being bought by Mr. J. Bruining of Gorcum. Welcome to our Circle, Mr. Bruining and Mr. Siemens!

Last but not least: Yacht owners are kindly requested to pay their 1971 subscriptions of £ 1.-.-, $2.50 or Hfl. 10.–, to the account of the Alcyone circle at Lind, Jarman, Westerouen, van Meeteren N.V., Amsterdam; Postgiro 25816.