Newsletter nr. 14b – December 1971

oldnewsheadMeeting on Saturday, 29th January, 1972
Mr. and Mrs. Dijkgraaf have kindly invited the members of the Alcyone Circle to forgather in their hospitable house, Apollolaan 1, Amsterdam, on Saturday, 29th of January.

The meeting will start at 8 o’clock in the evening.

Members who have films or colour transparencies of their summer cruises are kindly asked to contact Wil Valentijn, who will so arrange things that we only see the “creme de la creme” of the films and transparencies. Please write or telephone Mrs. Dijkgraaf in good time, so that she will know how many people to expect.

We hope to see many members and their crews on January 29th.

Rally 1972
Once again, we are planning to hold a rally in 1972. We are thinking of assembling on a Friday evening next summer in Hoorn and sailing together on Saturday to Medemblik, where we will be welcome in the old “Radboud Castle” for dinner. After the sherry party on Sunday, everybody would sail home again. This is the rally in a nutshell.

But there is a question which we would like every owner of a Gunning yacht to answer. WHAT DATE WOULD SUIT MOST OF US BEST? A weekend in June before the holiday season? Or during the holidays in July or August? Please give your answers to Mr. CC Dieleman, Breitnersingel 71, Rotterdam. Telephone: 010-222491.

Regattas for all kinds of sailing championships are held in Medemblik, so our choice of date will be somewhat restricted. When we know which month would suit most of us, we can fix the weekend on which the rally will be held.

Coen Sandberg
After having hesitated over it for a long time, Coen Sandberg has at last sold his “Oog Waai”. He will no longer be our secretary. Thank you, Coen, for all the trouble you have taken over the “Alcyone Circle”, and for all the time you have given to our Circle from your few free hours.
We will always remember the kind reception which you gave to the members of our circle in your hospitable house last winter. We hope we shall see you often on our boats. You and your wife will always be welcome guests.

Dr.s C.C. Dieleman
We are delighted to tell you that Mr. CC Dieleman, the owner of the “Zeepaard” is prepared to shoulder the burden of our secretaryship. It’s splendid that you are willing to undertake this job, Kees! Thank you in advance.

Ships and Owners
It has been good to hear about the fine voyages which many of our members made in their boats this summer.

We have news of “Blue Griffin’s” trip and you will find her log as an annex to this newsletter.

Mr. G. van’t Hull was very enthusiastic about his cruise in the “Vita Nova” to the Isle of Wight. Mr. AHJ Dijkgraaf sailed “Helena Anna” to the Baltic, as did Mr. B. van Hees in his “Hooge Springer”, together with Mr. JLM Ingen-Housz in “Breewijd”. Mr. JCM van Marle sailed to Norway where, much to his regret, he was unable to meet Mr. Peter J. Sorensen, because of unfavourable winds: however, he was able to speak to him on the telephone. Mr. Sorensen’s ship is still not ready and has not been named – he has not been able to spare the time to have her finished.

Mr. HDF van Alphen’s “Sayonara” had much fine sailing off Majorca. Mr. CC Dieleman sailed “Zeepaard” to Ostend with his wife and children.

“Teddy’s Puffin” was brought from Malta to Messina (Sicily) by the owner and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Bruining, assisted by Ida Scheltema and Wil Valentijn. the journey took five days. On the third day, while sailing from Syracuse to Catania, the ship was caught in a force 8-10 “Sirocco”. She behaved herself very well in these difficult circumstances. “Teddy’s Puffin” also did very well in the race for non-rated flat bottomers in Dordrecht, where she won the “Blauwe Wimpel”. We have no doubt that many other members, too, enjoyed this summer with its wealth of glorious sailing days.

Sir Percy Wyn-Harris is expecting his son and family from New Zealand to visit England this winter. He now intends to take “Spurwing” up the Thames to London, and to use her as a house-boat over Christmas. Great fun for Sir Percy and his grandchildren!
Mr. R. Rogers’ “Alcyone”, while lying on her usual mooring in the Medway, was hit by a large steamer sailing in ballast, and badly damaged on the port side. Even the mast was split. No boat which had not been so well-built of fine quality steel could have survived this accident. “Alcyone” is now being repaired in the Valentijn yard.

News from the Wharf
A new ship is under construction – to wit, the “Ety Fürstin über Punt”, for Dr. Hackstein. She is of the Alcyone II type (cabin aft). It is hoped to launch her next spring.

It may interest our members to hear that Nol Valentijn’s eldest son, Johan Valentijn, is now working in New York with Sparkman and Stephens, the famous ship designers, to complete his studies as a yacht designer.

To be honest, not every member has yet paid their 1971 subscription. Will those members who feel themselves to be guilty please pay as soon as possible? The others are asked to pay only their 1972 subscription of £ 1.-.-, $2.50 or Hfl. 10.–, to the account of the Alcyone Circle at Lind, Jarman, Westerouen, van Meeteren N.V., Amsterdam; Postgiro 25816. Thank you in advance.