Newsletter nr. 29 – January 1988

We wish to convey our best wishes for 1988 to you all and we hope that 1988 will be a good sailing year for you. To our regret, we have not been able to send this newsletter sooner, due to our busy schedule, but we trust that you will understand this.

Wintermeeting 5 March 1988
As the wintermeeting at Roeivereniging De Amstel was very much appreciated by its participants, the administration would have liked to hold the wintermeeting of 1988 there again. However, on January 17, we were informed that the restaurant is to be closed down. An acquaintance of Mr. J. Kreb offered us the Vatel-lounge of the Apollohotel which we were happy to accept. The Hiswa-boatshow in the RAI in Amsterdam will be held from March 4 till 13; therefore the wintermeeting on March 5 can be very well combined with a visit to the RAI.

We hope that everyone will come; not only the shipowners but their crews as well. Last year we had a good start; however, it would be nice to increase the number of participants.
The exact address of the Apollohotel is:
Amsterdam Apollo Hotel
Apollolaan 2
1077 BA Amsterdam
Telephone: 020-735922

The Apollohotel can be reached from Central Station by taking tram nr. 25, “disembarking” at stop Lutmastraat, walking towards the Okura Hotel and then turning right (Van Hillegaertstraat); you will find the Apollohotel on your lefthand side, over the bridge (after approx. 100 meters).
Coming from the RAI you can reach the Apollohotel by walking through the Diepenbrockstraat, turning right into the Herman Heyermansweg. At the end you will turn left (Churchillaan) and then you will go right (Stadionweg) and find the Apollohotel on you righthand side. (See map enclosed.)

As we would like to know the number of people coming as early as possible, those members who have decided to participate are kindly requested to notify us before the 15th of February.

On March 5 you will be most welcome from 17.30 onwards. Before dinner, which will start at approximately 19.15, we have the opportunity to have a drink with each other; at 18.15 a palaver will be held – enclosed in this newsletter you will find the agenda. The costs of the dinner will be Dfl. 32.50 per person, drinks not included.

After dinner, it would be appreciated if members showed slides (dia’s) or videotapes of their most recent trips. We trust that Will Valentijn will be so kind as to bring his dia-projector, and we would like to know for the videotapes to be shown, what videosystem was used and whether a video recorder could be provided.

The Apollohotel offers special “HISWA” rates for members who wish to spend the night at the hotel.
A two-bed room with bath will amount to Dfl. 195.-
A one-bed room with bath will amount to Dfl. 160.-
A copious Apollo breakfast (with buffet) will be Dfl. 25.- per person
These prices include VAT. If you would decide to make reservations, please mention “HISWA” to get the special “HISWA” rates.

Summerreunion 1988
In our memo of 12/09/87 we mentioned the possibility to register for the “William and Mary Cruise”; it was intended to make the Summerreunion 1988 coincide with this trip. As we inquired in December last year, we found, that very few members had applied. Hence the administration suggests to cancel the “William and Mary Cruise” as an official summerreunion and to consider the following alternatives:
a. a summerreunion in the surroundings of Hellevoetsluis from July 1 till 3.
b. a trip to the east coast of England
c. a reunion in the southern part of the Ijsselmeer

We would like to ask you to think this over and tell us about your ideas for the summerreunion before or during the palaver. If you cannot be present at the wintermeeting and you have suggestions for the summerreunion, you can always contact us at the correspondence address.

News About Ships & Owners
In October 1987, Mr. J.D. van’t Hull moved from the Van Eeghenstraat to the Deurloostraat 35 II in Amsterdam; the entry on the list of ships and owners has been updated accordingly.

Last year we received a letter from Mr. May, the owner of “Merhonour.” He told us that he had altered the ship by the addition of a “dog-house”, that will make the ship more comfortable in wet and windy weather. He enclosed 3 fotos which will be for all to see at the wintermeeting.

We also received a letter from Mr. Jeff Cole, the owner of “Patty Sue”. The “Patty Sue” had had a complete retrofit, facilitated by the Co. Valentijn, who was so kind as to send him line-drawings and construction details of his ship. Mr. Jeff Cole let us know that the members of the Alcyone Circle cruising to the south-east coast of the US will be most welcome at The Golden Isles Marina, just off the International Waterway at St. Simons Island.