Rally 1986 – Information for Skippers

Rally to Neuhaus (Oste)

Information for Skippers

Dear friends,

this newsletter is intended to supply additional information to those CIRCLE members who plan to participate in the summer rally to Neuhaus in Germany.
A programme with description of the possible sailing routes as well as some general remarks on the plan has been issued earlier to all CIRCLE members.

1.Participating ships and Owners
The following CIRCLE members have informed us in writing of their intention to participate:

BANCKERT                                                        Mr. Drs. K.F. Broekens
ETI                                                                        Mr. J.C. Kreb
HOOGE SPRINGER                                         Mr. I.A. Hooke
MARIA THERESIA                                            Mr. W.L.G. Schwartz
MAJELLA                                                            Mr. Dr. H. Liebert
VITA NOVA                                                         Mr. G. van’t Hull
MARMARA                                                          Mrs. Drs. A.J. Scheltema
D’ OLDE ZWERVER                                          Mr. G. van der Ham
SANS RIVAL                                                        Mr. W. Valentijn
VROUWEZAND                                                  Mr. H. Remmers

So, it’s quite an impressive convoy of CIRCLE ships, and we hope that perhaps even a few more will be convinced to participate.

2.Advisable Charts and Documents
Charts are expensive in Germany.  Skippers are advised to equip themselves with 1986 charts by DHI (German Hydrographic Office).  A tidal calendar, DHI publication No. 2117, should also be on board.  For those who can read German, the book “Die Nordsee – Elbe bis Ijsselmeer” by Dr. K. Neumann, Delius Klasing Publishers, will prove on expert pilot rendering a wealth of information on sailing in tidal waters in general and in the area that we shall sail in particular.

You should try to have some proof of ownership on board, either an excerpt from the register of shipping, an insurance policy or a document issued by your club.  Boats equipped with VHF radio should have the operator’s license and the radio’s permit on hand.  In general, no one will be asked to produce these documents, but there are occasional outbursts of bureaucratic perseverance.

3. Customs and Border Formalities
Usually, these are ignored.  According to the regulations, crews are required to report to the customs office at their port of entry, in our case probably either Leer or one of the islands or Cuxhaven.  No special formalities are required.  however, “red” Diesel fuel in the tanks is viewed with suspicion as German pleasure craft must not use it.  We recommend that you have our fuel receipt with you stating that you bought “red” Diesel in the Netherlands.

4. Telecommunications
On starting the rally in Delfzijl, we should agree on a VHF channel where at fixed hours communication between the participants could take place.  Therefore, we should like to know which of the participating boats are fitted with a VHF radio.

5. Provisions and Supplies
are expensive on the islands, namely during the peak season.  Where possible, ships should be loaded with all provisions up to Neuhaus, from where shopping tours can be organized by car.  There is a shipyard in neuhaus, and a friend of ours will be ready for quick repairs if anything should shake down during the trip.

As you know, the SAIL ‘86 port is Bremerhaven, just en route between Delfzijl and neuhaus.  The dates fit ideally so that SAIL NEUHAUS participants may join SAIL BREMERHAVEN on their way back and have a “ Wiedersehen” with the beautiful square riggers that we saw in Amsterdam last year.

We have been in close contact with the SAIL BREMERHAVEN Organization Committee and are pleased to announce that the ALCYONE CIRCLE is invited to take part in the events.  The Committee wishes to reserve berths for us and have asked to fill in their attached questionnaire to facilitate their preparations.  We should like to ask all those interested to complete the forms and return them to us so that we can take care of nice berths for our ships in Bremerhaven.

There is a “guided tour” of some 60 ships arranged by SAIL AMSTERDAM from Amsterdam to bremerhaven, but these ships will sail about five days later than we do, so that ports and fairways won’t be too crowded.

We hope you’ll find these short informations useful for the preparation of our discussion at the CIRCLE’s winter meeting in Amsterdam on Saturday.

Looking forward to meeting you there, Klaus-Gerrit Gerdts

N.B. The weekend before the scheduled starting date of our rally will be DELFSAIL ‘86 at Delfzijl.  We do not have a programme at hand at present, but perhaps a meeting of the CIRCLE at Delfzijl on July 12th or 13th would give also those a chance of a reunion who do not wish to embark on the trip to neuhaus.
This should also be discussed on Saturday, I think.