Rally 1978 – Plans – March 1978

To all members of the Alcyone Circle.

March 1978

Dear members,

In our wintermeeting of the 25th February we had a special palaver with all the captains present to discuss the best weekend of our rally of this summer.

We had received a few requests to have the rally earlier this year, but it appeared that the great majority of the captains preferred to have it in August and thus we agreed to have the rally on the weekend of Saturday and Sunday the 12th and 13th of August, 1978. PLEASE RESERVE THIS WEEKEND FOR OUR RALLY!

Three members, Messrs. H. Bolte, J. v.d. Flier and A.F.J. Schaap will look for a good place where to have our dinner on Saturday evening.

We are welcome already on Friday the 11th of August in the harbour of the “Koninklijke Nederlandsche Zeil- en Roeivereniging” in Muiden.

Saturday morning we intend to have a palaver of the captains in the clubhouse, where the captains and their crews might get a cup of coffee. After the coffee we shall start for …..? We shall try to do “admiraalzeilen” again as in our last rally.

Please inform Mr. h. Bolte, Zonnestein 9, Amstelveen, telephone no. 020-413714 or Mr. J. v.d. Flier, Ossendamweg 1 Soest, telephone no. 02155-14467, whether or not you will be present and with how many people.

The members living in Holland are kindly requested to let us know anyhow whether they intend to come or not.

So long!
Alcyone Circle

H Bolte
JCM van Marle