Letter to the Circle – Mr. Michael Jacobs – May 16th, 1978

16 May 1978

Dear Mr. van Marle:

Enclosed find my subscription for 1978.

Thank you for your letter of 27 March with such interesting news of Alcyone boats.  I talked to Mr. Shedd on the phone and he gave me some helpful information.
We are sailing from Lake Champlain in July headed south for the Bahamas and West Indies and thence to Bermuda and France.
Hope to get to meet you in Holland or the Mediterranean during the next couple of years.

Ed Bullerjahn, a former owner of Carapace tells me that it might be possible to obtain one of those long Dutch masthead pennants through the Alcyone Circle.  If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you would send on, together with the necessary hardware, and i will send you a check in return.

Perhaps I will be able to make the 1980 rally.

Many thanks and have a good cruise this summer.

Sincerely yours,
Michael C. Jacobs
Box 66 Browns Trace
Jericho Ctr.
Vermont USA 05465