Newsletter nr. 9 – January 1968

oldnewsheadSir Percy Wyn Harris
has informed us that he might show us his colour slides of his beautiful voyage in his “Spurwing” from England to New Zealand.
He will be in Holland for a few days and we arranged a meeting on Friday the 23rd February with the members of our circle at ± 18:30 hours in “AVIFAUNA” in Alphen a/d Rijn.

We hope to have a drink and a dinner together and thereafter Sir Percy will show us his slides.
The costs of the dinner will be ± ƒ 12:50 p.p., wine included.
We hope many members and their guests will be present at the meeting.
Please inform Mr. J. C. M. van Marle, Amsterdam
tel.: 227311 (at his office) or
tel.: 793715 (at home)
if you can attend the meeting.

The “Spurwing” is now in the North of Australia awaiting the good season to sail further.

Mr. B. van der Ploeg is moved to England. His address is now Barton House, Thornhill, Ashurstwood (near East Grinstead), Sussex. As he is planning also to sell the “Banckert” he has left our circle.

Many, many thanks to him and his wife for all they did for our circle. They always will be welcome at our meetings!

We requested Mr. C. G. Sandberg to take the place of Mr. van der Ploeg as our secretary. Though Mr. Sandberg has a lot of work to do in his business, he immediately consented to act in the future as our secretary.

Meeting 1968
As we agreed during our last meeting we hope to have our meeting this year near the “Biesbosch”. We planned to meet in the yacht-harbour in Drimmelen. On Saturday morning with the last of the ebb tide at ± 10 h A.M. we might go to the Biesbosch where we can swim and wait for about an hour until the water has risen enough to cross the Biesbosch.

We hope to do so, having Mr. Sturm with the “Dorothy” as a pilot.

We planned to be near the castle of Loevesteyn at about 6 h P.M. where we are going to have the dinner.

Weather permitting we might Sunday sail up the river Maas, having the sherry-party somewhere up the river. We hope many ships with their owners and crews will present. With a view on the right time of high water we intended to have the rally on the week-end of the 6th and 7th ofAugust.
So long!

Nol Valentijn
As many of our members will know Nol Valentijn had a heart attack this autumn. Happily he has recovered quite soon and new is at home again, but the doctor did not allow him to begin to work. We hope and wish he might recover again completely.

Ships and owners
Mr. J. O. Ahrend sold the “Dorine” to Mr. J. van de Flier, Ossendamweg 1, Soest, who changed the name of the ship in “Jacqan”. We wish him many happy days in the “Jacqan”.

A new ship is being built now for Mr. Ahrend on the Valentijn yard in Langeraar.

Last autumn the “Vrouwe Martijntje” was launched, a yacht of the Cormorant type. The owner is Mr. A. P. den Bak, Oudeschams 24, Amsterdam. Good luck with the “Vrouwe Martijntje”, Mr. den Bak!

Mr. Baxter sold the “Avalon” to Mr. R. Cardinali, who is going to live in the yachts. His address is: Yacht “Avalon”, c/o 3, Station Road, Bursledon (Hants) England. We hope to see also the new owners at our 1968 meeting.

News from the Yard
Besides the new ship of Mr. Ahrend there is being built a yacht of the Cormorant type, which has not yet an owner. In the place of Nol Valentijn works now Henk Brouwer who has worked for some years in the Valentijn yard and returned when he heard of the illness of Nol Valentijn. There are plans now to build a big yacht of the Alcyone II type with a W. L. – length of ± 45 feet. So the ship will be a few feet longer than the “Sayonara”.

We hope these plans will soon be executed.

Yacht owners woh did not yet do so are kindly requested to pay a contribution over 1968 of £ 1.– of Hfl. 10.– in favour of the account of the Alcyone Circle with
Messrs. C. Lind & Zoon,
Herengracht 479, Amsterdam.
(Pstgiro 47017).