Newsletter nr. 10 – May 1968

oldnewsheadSir Percy Wyn Harris
gave us an excellent lecture on world-wide sailing, during our pleasant mooring at “Avifauna”. 35 members and their guests assembled for drinks and dinner, many of them meeting Sir Percy for the first time. Not unexpectedly, drinks took a long time, as everybody wanted to meet everybody else. Dinner took even longer, thanks to all the stories to be told about last summer’s experiences.

At long last, Sir Percy was able to start his talk. He kept us spellbound for a long time with his tales about the countries he had visited, the actual sailing and the behaviour of his ship in every type of weather. His wonderful slides transported us to the very spot, and made us feel as though we ourselves had taken part in his travels. Even though it was somewhat late when the last slide was shown, it still seemed too early to many of us, who would have liked to see more of them. Mr. van Marle spoke for all of us when he thanked Sir Percy and wished him a good trip home from Australia to England.

Despite the lateness of the hour, we all stayed on to enjoy the interesting movie-show of Dorothea, with Mr. Sturm at the helm, sailing to Norway. I have received a written account of this voyage, which will be published in a later newsletter.

Meeting 1968
A further stage has been reached in the planning of this summer’s meeting. A small committee met some time ago in Drimmelen, near the Biesbosch, to have a look around and to discuss details. Naturally, the weather was as foggy as could be, so that looking around was impossible: but with the help of maps and the local knowledge of some members, we were able to do some planning.

In view of the tides, we decided that the meeting should be held during the weekend of the
10th and 11th of August

Participants will be expected to arrive at Drimmelen on the evening of 9th August. We will sail through the Biesbosch on Saturday, have dinner at the Loevestein Castle, do some more sailing on Sunday, and finish at about 16.00 hours at Gorinchem. We expect all members to take part in this meeting, and to muster large crews for a real party!

Those captains who wish to sail their ships the previous weekend to the harbour “De Amer” at Drimmelen will be assured of berths. This also applies at the yacht harbour at Gorinchem, for those captains who do not wish to return to their home ports until the following weekend.

To solve the transport problem for those members who will arrive at Drimmelen by car, a car-ferry to Gorinchem will be arranged for Friday night. On Sunday, any cars which have been left at Drimmelen will be collected by mutual arrangement.

On Saturday, dinner will be served at the Loevestein Castle. Starting with drinks at 19.00 hours, the actual dinner will be served at 20.00 hours. We have been promised candlelight, and stewards and stewardesses dressed in old-style costumes! As far as costs are concerned: drinks will be at your own expense, dinner will be about f. 12.- and the entrance fee to the castle will be f. 5.- per person.

The programme for the weekend will be as follows:

Friday, 9th of August
Ships will assemble during the afternoon and evening. Captains and crews will meet during the evening in the “Biesbosch” restaurant near the harbour. The car ferry to Gorinchem will be arranged.

Saturday, 10th of August
Ships will leave for “Noordergat van de visser” at about 10.00 hours. Estimated time of arrival at the anchorage will be 12.00 hours. After about two hours, the tide will be high enough to cross the Biesbosch. As the weather will be warm and sunny, these hours may be occupied by sherry, swimming and sherry!

After weighing anchor at about 14.00 hours, ships will leave for the Biesbosch. Mr. Sturm will be our pilot. He has advised one of the most pleasant routes: Gat van de Visser – Kooigat – Gat van Noorderklip – Ruigt – Gat van Paulus – Steurgat – Werkendam.

At about 17.00 hours, we shall have to pass through the locks at Werkendam. Cormorants will have to lower their masts in Werkendam harbour. Other ships need only partially lower their masts when passing the bridge near Gorinchem.

All ships will assemble east of the Loevestein Castle at an anchorage in a a grintgat. From the anchorage to the castle, it will be a 15 minute walk.

All participants will assemble at the castle at about 19.00 hours. Dress: flannels and blazer.

Sunday, 11th of August
Captain’s “Palaver” at 10.30 hours, on board one of the ships. Ships will leave for the Andelse Maas at about 11.30 hours. We expect some ships to do some sailing, others to stick to drinking, and all to pay visits to friends on board other ships. Estimated time of arrival at Gorinchem will be 16.00 hours.