Newsletter nr. 60-V – September 9th, 2013

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Short retrospect at Rally Lauwersoog-Neuwerk

Dear all,

Summersailing with 10 amazing Gunningyachts and beautiful people to Neuwerk…it was great!
Joost and I are very contented that we may have organize this Rally.
We did our very best to bring together all of you for his major expedition.
A real stretchgoal, knowing by experience in the past the difficulty to organize such a kind of activity for our nice, conspicuous, wilful members with a high spirit of liberty. But we did it!
We understand everyone have had a great time with a lot of fun and space by sailing, at anchor on tidewaters and visiting nice places, eating fine quality matjes in Carolienersiel, delicious krabbenbrot at Neuwerk and last but not least ……all in good spirit and atmosphere. We would thank you for that.

Klaus Gerrit did a good job by leading us trough the beauty of the GermanWattenfahrwasser, especially the trip from the eastpoint of Wangeroog to Neuwerk: the red/white vieuw at Rotersand on sea, the absolute calmnes and beauty of the Robbenbalje, the leuchtturm Neuwerk, we shall never forget………
Endstate at Neuwerk Arjen surprised Klaus with a beautiful wimple of the Koninklijke Zeilvereeniging Oostergoo. Don’t tell everyone because this beauty is only for the select group of her members!
A very special gift for all the excellent work he did for us.
Nevertheless, the result is a growing deficiency in our Circle-budget of totally € 105, see enclosure.
We suggest to split this over 10 ships, Harmonie of course excluded.
Please pay € 10,50 to Arjen at bankaccount ING 1967067 at the name of A.C. van Boekel te Drachten. Thanks.

We probable will organize a Special Wintermeeting in February 2014 on a cosy historical location with dining and low budgetsleeping. If you have a preference weekend (saturdayevening, leaving after breakfast sundaymorning) on your mind or a helpful suggestion in this direction please let my know.


Met vriendelijke groet, kindest regards, all the best,

Arjen van Boekel & Joost van ’t Hull,
Board Alcyone Circle