Newsletter nr. 16 – February 1974

oldnewsheadWintermeeting 1974
We thank Mr. and Mrs. Dijkgraaf very much for their kind hospitality to have this meeting in their hospitable house in Amsterdam. A lot of members with their wives and crew were present. There was such a crowd that it got difficult to find a seat in the projection room where films and slides were shown. Before and during this “loft party” we all got nice food and refreshments. This too made this meeting a perfect one.
Engelbert Jannink and his wife showed us a very interesting film and slides of his journey from Bodensee with “Alcyone II”. They made the Falls of Schaffhausen by rail. It was unique to see through a porthole people getting on board a train from a platform.

Wil Valentijn delighted us with the beautiful slides of the transformation and launching of “Helena Anna”. The slides of “Bataviae Princeps” and “van Linschoten” were also very attractive. Mr. Kloos and Mr. van Marle also showed us some very nice slides they made last summer.
It was a very successful meeting which we will gladly remember for a long time.

Rally 1974
We hope to hold our rally on:
Saturday and Sunday, the 17th and 18th of August.

We suggest to meet at Muiden in the marina of the “Koninklijke Nederlandse Zeil – en Roeivereniging”. More information to follow shortly.
Please note down these dates!

Ships and Owners
Mr. Verbon found the IJselmeer too small and went to England for a change in the first year that he owned the boat. He met Sir Percy Wyn harris at Woodbridge. We wonder what he has in mind for future with “Bataviae Princeps”.

Mr. van Marle made a journey around Brittany. A report of this beautiful voyage is further-on in this newsletter.

Mr. Jannink made the nearly impossible possible, by sailing his “Alcyone II” on Bodensee. We think that a boat of this size never sailed on this lake before.

Mr. d’Escury also made a journey to a foreign country in the first year he owned his boat. He had a first class crew and made a splendid voyage to Denmark.

Also the “Sea Gypsy” was in Denmark about the same time. Mr. Bruining sailed her to Denmark and her proud owner Mr. Robbins sailed her back to Holland.

News from the Wharf
The Valentijn brothers Nol and Wil held a great reception to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their business being a firm with their mother. It was a beautiful reception attended by nearly 200 people. The Valentijn brothers and their guests will remember this occasion for a long time.
This year again the yard will be present at the HISWA Amsterdam boat show. The “Bataviae Princeps” and the “van Linschoten” will be shown in the “Rai Harbour”.

An “Alcyone II” type is under construction now, under building-number L108. She will be named “Otka”. Her owner is Mr. Struller of Achen, Germany.

Mr. Struller, welcome to our Circle. As a speciality, this yacht is built out of Corton steel, a new type of anti-corrosive steel which is 50% stronger than the normal shipbuilding steel SM 37. It has been electrically welded under protection of CO2 gas.

Crew Wanted
Mr. Kloos of Haarlem wants to take a crew for his holidays from 20th July until 11th August. Possible a couple who are used to our type of boats! Please contact him directly.

We have postponed this matter to the last, but it is necessary that we have some money. We don’t need so much this year as previous years. But we ask our members to remit their subscriptions for 1974 into the account of the Alcyone Circle at Lind, Jarman, Westerouen, van Meeteren N.V., Amsterdam; Postgiro 25816. (£ 1.-., DM 10.-, or Hfl. 10.–) Thanks in anticipation.