Newsletter 82 – June 6th, 2019

Dear friends,

Time is flying. About 4 weeks we shall meet each other with our fine Gunning-yachts at Lauwersoog. Sailing season has started late this year; first it was to cold and windy and now sunshine and rain interchanging daily. It would be comfortable for us having more stable weather and friendly running winds. We count on that!

Hereby an update about our participants on the Rally to Wangeroog

Some months ago Joost van ‘t Hull got a light brain stroke. Luckily there is no  damage and it is going well with him again, but it needs time to get back his vitally. Yesterday we called each other, Joost has decided not to sail for a part with us this year. A pity of course but completely understandable.
Alcyone II Harmonie with family Klaus Gerdts has to hook off also. In April Klaus and Elgin were in Ghana for their aids-project for babies. Elgin get very sick there and they have to fly back to Germany. She become an operation and at this moment it happily is going better with her, but she must give herself a rest for some time.
For that reason they cannot join our sailing trip. We shall miss our friends during Summer meeting and Rally this year and wish Elgin good recovery at home.
Because all of this frightening occurrences Klaus of course was not be able to create a program and planning for our Rally.
Dirk van Slooten of Sayonara is well willing to help us now with the planning for our trip to Wangeroog. So master planning and tentative itinerary are in preparation.

Start and duration Rally Lauwersoog-Wangeroog 2019

First we assemble in the outside harbour of Lauwersoog at Sunday morning 7th of July. In the afternoon we will have a leaving party at home of Bert and Janneke Glazenburg. There will be a palaver around 16.30 hours in their garden and we will have a fine dinner together prepared by Bert and Janneke, Casper Pronk and other members for a helping hand.
When weather is fine we are leaving the outside (salty) harbour of Lauwersoog at Monday 8th of July around 12.00 hours, setting our course to Port Henry at Borkum.  Our Rally will be organized for 10 days, after that we may see what to do next. The weather forecast will be leading for further plans going back, to stay for some days or to go further on.

The following yachts will participate on our Rally

1. Caecilia Arjen & Rienkje van Boekel
2. Zeekoet II Frans & Annemarie Kemme and Casper Pronk as crew
4. Optional Majella Family Dominic & Maaike Carter
5. Sayonara Dirk & Marieke & Maaike van Slooten and crew
6. Cormoraan Erik van Boekel and friends
7. Vrouwezand Marco & Maria Eichhorn
8. Vrijheid Niek Teijken & Wies Fermie
9. Woest maar Kalm Bert & Janneke Glazenburg
10. Marmara Dirk Jan & Renske Schenk


Note:  Marmara with Dirk Jan and Renske will do their very best to meet us in or after Borkum in the trust they sail faster we can. So they cannot be present in time for our party on Sunday 7th at Lauwersoog but participate later on.


Kindest regards,  

Arjen van Boekel & Joost van ’t Hull,
Board Alcyone Circle