Newsletter 81 – March 4th, 2019

During our cozy Wintermeeting on Kasteel De Essenburgh last weekend, we have made or final plans for a fine Rally this summer. Klaus and Bert, thanks again for the splendid presentations last Saturday eve: everyone enjoyed it.


The following yachts will join our Rally
1. Caecilia Arjen & Rienkje van Boekel
2. Zeekoet II Frans & Annemarie Kemme
3. Harmonie Family Klaus & Elgin Gerdts
4. Optional Majella Family Dominic & Maaike Carter
5. Optional Sayonara Dirk & Marieke van Slooten + crew
6. Optional Cormoraan Erik van Boekel en Sjoerd
7. Vrouwezand Marco & Maria Eichhorn
8. Vrijheid Niek Teijken & Wies Fermie
9. Woest maar Kalm Bert & Janneke Glazenburg
10. Marmara Dirk Jan & Renske Schenk
Start and duration Rally Lauwersoog-Wangerooge 2019

We think our Rally takes about 10 days to get in a comfortable way to Wangerooge for organized outward voyage. The time needed for the backward voyage depends on what the further plans are: there will be a few options based on individual decisions and weather forecast. We shall sail short daytrips, so there will be plenty of time to walking around on the islands, to read a book or just to relax and enjoy the nature around us. We will visit beautiful places and shall drop our anchor on lovely locations.

First we assemble in the outside harbour of Lauwersoog at Saturday morning 6th of July. In the afternoon we will have a leaving party at home of Bert and Janneke Glazenburg. There will be a palaver around 15.00 hours in their garden.

Rally to Wangerooge leads from Lauwersoog on Sunday 7th of July

Klaus Gerdts shall create an inspiring program with different places to visit. You will be informed about that later on, first he needs time for research all possibilities.
So the master planning  and tentative itinerary of our Rally to Wangerooge with the most important details are in preparation and in trusted hands of our friends from Cuxhaven.
When weather is fine we are leaving the outside (salty) harbour of Lauwersoog at Sunday 7th of July, setting our course to Borkum if there will be enough water under de bottom plate in one tide for the Alcyone-yachts (Cormorant-yachts usually have not that kind of problems with 65 cm below).



1. If other members with Gunning-yachts likes sailing with us, please sign in and contact as soon as possible. That can be needed for enough harbor capacity on some locations.

2. We heard in the lobby that for one or two yachts some crew could be needed for an extra hand on board. Please mail us a.s.a.p. when you like to step on board as a guest/crewmember.


Kindest regards,  

Arjen van Boekel & Joost van ’t Hull,
Board Alcyone Circle