Newsletter 79 – November 20th, 2018

Newsletter headerAdditional news about Winter -and Summermeeting 2019

Wintermeeting Saturday 2nd of March 2019 at Castle De Essenburgh

Because family Gerdts are at Maladiven on the 17th of February and Fons & Helene Valentijn are waiting on birth of their first grandchild around that time, we’re welwilling to change the date to Saturday 2nd of March as far as De Essenburgh have that date free for us. They only can block that date for us by reservation. So, first we need your response before we can make a final reservation, please let us know if you will participate dinner or dinner with night over on LO-conditions!
Till now Arjen & Rienkje van Boekel, Joost van ‘t Hull, Erik van Boekel, family Gerdts, Frans & Annemarie Kemme en Fons & Helene Valentijn signed in.

Our last meeting in Kasteel de Essenburgh at Hierden with a low budget night over with buffet and breakfast was a great succes. We would repeat that cosy and relaxed formule, also because Hierden is in the middle of Holland. For reservation and final booking it is needed that we got a.s.a.p. your participation on this special event. Please mail number of persons for buffet and a night over. The room-rates are around €79 pro night, we will try to get some discount. The costs of the Alcyone-Buffet are around €30 p.p. Program: arriving Saturday from 16.30 hours pm with tea or coffee, dinner from 18.30 pm. We will ask Bert Glazenburg to tell during dinner about his stunning adventures sailing thousands of miles to Botnic Gulf visa versa with foto’s and perhaps some short filmshots. Also Klaus Gerdts about his dream coming out sailing to England/London. During dinner we also diskuss Summermeeting with further additional information of Klaus Gertds.

Summermeeting/Rally, starting Friday 5th of July 2019 at Lauwersoog

Klaus Gerdts & family of Alcyone II Harmonie are welwilling to organize a fine Rally to the Ostfriesische Waddenislands again, sailing together from Lauwersoog to Neuwerk enjoying Waddenexperience with our hybride Gunningyachts.
Klaus did the suggestion for a alternative trip via Wangeroog to Helgoland to Amrung (his favorite Halligen-island), only if weather is fine. It is the same distance to Neuwerk but a complete different world.


Kindest regards,

Arjen van Boekel & Joost van ‘t Hull
Board Alcyone Circle