Newsletter 75 – April 2nd, 2018

Newsletter headerDear friends,

On Easter a sign of life of your Alcyone Circle. We’ve promised to organize an Extraordinary Summermeeting in observance of Alcyone I Caecilia will floating out after 6 years of intensive restauration and renovation (doing our very best to get her ready to go end of June).
With pleasure we invite all of you coming to Friesland to celebrate that with bubbles and fine titbits.

If possible this event will be combined with the launch of Adriana van Texel. The sad news is that Peter has cancer, laying in hospital at this moment.
He soon  goes to a nursing-home for further revalidation. We hope the medical treatment will give him some life-span.
We think Peter will appreciate highly a call on his mobile 06-29626279 or sending him a card to his home address Boerhaavelaan 19, 2334 EC Leiden
so his wife Andrienne can handing over it.

Date: Saturday 30th of June 2018
Place: Shipyard Haiko van der Werff, Buitenstvallaat
Time I: 16.00 hours pm launching Caecilia with bubbles
Time II: 18.00 hours Alcyone-buffet Grand Café ‘t Smelnehûs at Drachten


Please let us know a.s.a.p. you if you will be able joining the party with or without Gunning-yacht and the number of dinning-guests.
If you will sail to Drachten (what would be great) we’ll make a reservation on the quai at the shipyard.


Kindest regards,

Arjen van Boekel & Joost van ’t Hull,
Board Alcyone Circle