Newsletter 67 – October 28th, 2015

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Rally starting Saturday 9th of July 2016 to Limpfjord Denmark!

After the great launching of our book ‘Alcyone Odyssee’ in Muiden, we’re looking forward to the sailing season of 2016.
Marco Eichhorn asked the board of Alcyone Circle about their plans for a Summer meeting or a real Rally to interesting places,
so they could schedule their holiday next year.
As usual we had no plan, but made one within a split of a second!
Let’s go to Limpfjord Denmark, not to race through it, but enjoying the calmness and nature all around.
Veno, Harrevig, the cliffs of Fur, Livo and then back or further on, you name it.
So our goal is not to go fast to Aarhus or other places in the Baltic Sea.
Just relax and enjoy all peninsula (schiereilanden) and choose some funny small harbors and places, you all can reach them within (half) a day.
Limpfjord in totally counts 25 small harbors, always quiet and with a lot of space.
Delius Klasing Sportbootkarten (set 6) helps us navigating and for free there is a magazine of Jutland about all additional harbor data.
First we have to know your opinion about our plans and second who is willing to help it organized.

Please mail us your response as soon as possible.


Kindest regards,

Arjen van Boekel & Joost van ’t Hull,
Board Alcyone Circle