Restoration Caecilia

In March 2012 Caecilia was found in deplorable condition in Lelystad, Netherlands.
She was adopted by Arjen van Boekel and Bert Glazenburg and taken to the historic shipyard O.H. van der Werff at the Buitenstvallaat in Drachten.
 They stripped her, repared the hull, made a new centreboard and replaced that backwards for better sailing, made a doghouse, painted a primer on the inside.
She is now waiting for a new cockpit and engine.
After that the original parts can be build in the interior.
Aim is to find a new owner who will finish the job and enjoy his ownership of such a unique yacht.

Restoration Milly Dolly

Milly Dolly, cormorant L82, built in 1964 was first owned by D.B. Rouse in East Portlemouth, England and later by G. vd Ham in Jubbega, Netherlands and than by K. Bruinsma in Boornbergum.
Klaas kept her in his garden to do some repairs.
Unfortunately he got ill and was not able to carry this out.
After about 15 years, October 2009, she was found by Bert Glazenburg, informed by Arjen van Boekel.
The wooden roof and deck were rotten, the engine rusted, but the hull was still good. The inside was also rotten wood.
Bert took her to the Buitenstvallaat yard in Drachten and had her top and deck rebuilt in 3mm steel.
Calculations convinced him that a 3mm steel top has the same weight as the original wood construction.
The problem of leaking was thus solved and maintenance simplified.
The cockpit was widened and the rearcabin was enlarged by sacrifycing the gangway. The rear is now used as  ownerscabin. These alterations of the original design at first met with some critisism but were accepted after the remark of Ida Scheltema, niece of Max Gunning and good sailor, when she said that Max Gunning himself would call it an improvement.
It was for her solosailing ambitions that Max Gunning developed at her boat Marmara a selfturning jib by bringing the forstay more forward.
This alteration not only sails easier, but also faster. So the lengthened bow was copied from the Marmara.
To keep her weight low, as little and as thin plywood as possible
was used for the interior.
Also the heavy anchorchain and winch were not replaced.
A new, lighter engine has much room in the original motorcompartment, fuel- and watertank are small and of synthetic material.
She was launched in May 2010 with her new name 'Woest maar Kalm' and has proven to be a safe and fast yacht.
Till 2014 she sailed the waters between Amsterdam and Romo in Denmark. Plans are to explore the Baltic Sea.

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