Newsletter nr. 28 – January 1987

Since Mr. JCM van Marle has sold his yacht “Caecilia”, he suggested during the palaver on the 15th of March 1986 a change in the management of the Alcyone Circle. After ample deliberations Mr. JC Kreb, Mr. JD van ‘t Hull and Mr. HHG van ‘t Hull agreed to take care of production and distribution of the newsletter and the financial administration.

The new “administration” would like to thank Mr. JCM van Marle, Mr. PJ Ide, Mr. H. Bolte, Mr. van der Flier and anyone, whom we might have forgotten, for the fine way in which they have guided the Alcyone Circle.

Henceforth the new address for correspondence will be:
HHG van ‘t Hull
Krokusstraat 14
2015 AG Haarlem
The Netherlands
Telephone: 023-328445

Further contact addresses are:
JC Kreb JD van ‘t Hull
Leeuwerikspad 26 Van Eeghenstraat 93 III
2461 BH Ter Aar 1071 EX Amsterdam
The Netherlands The Netherlands
Telephone: 01722-3369 Telephone: 020-717285

Wintermeeting 7/3/1987
Since some of the members found that the gastronomical qualities of the restaurant of the “Koninklijke Amsterdamsche Roei- en Zeil-Vereeniging De Hoop” had diminished, it was decided that the wintermeeting of 1987 will be held in:
Roei- en Zeilvereniging De Amstel
Hobbemakade 121
1071 XW Amsterdam
Telephone: 020-719105
on THE 7TH MARCH 1987

The HISWA boat show in the RAI in Amsterdam will be held from 6 til 15 March; therefore the meeting on 7 March will be a good opportunity to combine a visit to the RAI. From the RAI to the Roeivereniging De Amstel will be a walk of 15 minutes. Roeivereniging De Amstel is located next to the Apollo Hotel and can be reached from Central Station by taking tram 25, disembarking at stop Lutmastraat, walking towards Okura Hotel, turning right (Van Hillegaertstraat), and you will find De Amstel on your left hand on the bridge.

Everyone will be most welcome from 17.30 hours onwards. Before dinner, which will start at approximately 18.30 hours, there will be a good opportunity to have a chat and a drink. The costs of the dinner will amount to 30 DFL per person, drinks not included. After dinner it would be appreciated if members showed slides (dia’s) or videotapes of the last reunion in Neuhaus. There will be a television set in the restaurant; in order to show videotapes we would like to know what video system was used (VHS or Betamax) and whether a videorecorder could be provided. Mr. W. Valentijn will bring a slide projector and screen.

Summer Reunion 1986
This reunion will always be remembered as one of the highlights in the existence of the Alcyone Circle: it was the fulfillment of the long cherished wish of the Gerdts family.

On behalf of all the members of the Alcyone Circle we would like to express our feelings of gratitude towards the Gerdts family whose efforts and thorough preparation made this trip an unforgettable success.

During the wintermeeting of 1986 the Gerdts family proposed to hold the summer reunion in Neuhaus. This proposal was unanimously adopted and it was decided to hold the reunion on the 19th and 20th of July 1986. The participating ships would assemble in Lauwersoog on Sunday the 13th of july and reach Borkum on Monday the 14th. the “Harmonie” of the Gerdts family was willing to guide the other ships from Borkum to Neuhaus.

Review of the journey
First of all we would like to mention, that the briefing was very precise.

Sunday 13th of July
The following ships met in Lauwersoog:
Alcyone, Banckert, Eti, Geertruida, Majella, Maria Theresia, Marmara and Sans Rival. At the palaver it was decided to go through the locks at 10 o’clock the next day.

Monday 14th of July
At 10 o’clock the locks were passed. It was good sailing weather. At 16.00 hours the Eems was crossed. At 19.00 hours the “Harmonie von Neuenschleusse” was encountered and all ships anchored; the Banckert, the Alcyone and the Maria Theresia had to wait until the next day, unable to cross the last sandbar because of their draught. Later that evening the Alcyone II and the Vrouwenzand turned up.

Tuesday 15th of July
At 8 o’clock the fleet sailed to Lutje Horn, where a palaver was held at 10.30 about the rest of the trip. At 12 o’clock the Eti left for Juist and the rest of the fleet sailed via the channel under Juist and via the Riffgat-channel under Nordeney towards Baltrum. From Baltrum the fleet took the channel via the Steinplatte to Langeoog, where it arrived at 21.00 hours.

Wednesday 16th of July
The Alcyone II had already left. At 8.30 the Bonnathure and the Vita Nova arrived in Langeoog; they had met in Terschellling on Sunday 20th, reached Borkum Hafen on Monday 21st and had anchored south east of Nordeney on Tuesday 22nd. At 11.00 hours a palaver was held and it wad decided to sail to Wangerooge. The fleet of eleven ships now sailed at noon. At 21.00 hours the ships anchored south east of Wangerooge. Later that night a palaver was held on the sand (mud).

Thursday 17th of July
The ships left at 7 o’clock. The fleet sailed over the Weser-Jade-estuary. When some of the ships ran aground at 13.00 hours, the fleet anchored. While taking in the beam to let the mainsail down, Hank van ‘t Hull injured his thumb operating the winch; fortunately Klaus Gerrit Gerdts, physician, was nearby and stitched up Hank’s thumb. A palaver was held at 16.00 hours and it was decided to sail to Wremen, where the fleet arrived at 21.30. Dr. Gerdts’ secretary brought gasoline by car, as some of the ships had almost no fuel left.

Friday 18th of July
A palaver was held at 7.30 hours. The fleet sailed in the direction of Neuwerk and anchored at 14.00 hours on a sandbank. At 19.45 the fleet sailed again and anchored at 21.30 in the Buchtlock.

Saturday 19th of July
The fleet sailed at 7.30, passed Cuxhaven and sailed into the Oste at 12.30. At 13.00 the fleet went in formation through the bridge in Neuhaus.

Festivities in Neuhaus
While sailing towards the marina in Neuhaus the fleet was welcomed by a brass band. After all the ships had moored in the marina, the crews were invited for a drink near the clubhouse. Here speeches were made by Mr. Gerdts, Mr. Broekens on behalf of the Alcyone Circle, and by a representative of the local tourist board.

Later on the crews made a sightseeing tour through Neuhaus, which ended in the Ulex-distillery, where the Gerdts family presented a bottle of Schnurrschluck with a special label “Sail ‘86 Neuhaus/Oste” to the crew of every ship.

In the evening a barbecue, offered to the Alcyone Circle by the Gerdts family, was held in Dr. Gerdts’ garden. This proved to be an enormous feast with meat, grilled by the local butcher and his wife, salads, and 100 litre beer.

Sunday 20th of July
At 11 o’clock the Alcyone Circle had assembled in the Emmauskirche. Mrs. Ingeborg Gerdts spoke a word of welcome and talked about the history of the Emmauskirche. Afterwards, the Dutch reverend J.G. Kunst, who was especially invited by the Gerdts family, held a prayer. In the afternoon, all the people who assisted the Gerdts family in organizing, were distributed over the ships. At 13.00 hours the fleet sailed upstream to hotel Seefahrer. There we had a slap-up meal.

At 19.00 hours we moored in the marina and went to the local pub “Zur Traube”. Here we had a fantastic party. It started with a chantey, a kind o seaman song, performed by Klaus Gerrit Gerdts and Klaus Gerdts (Kumm and Beer). Then the Alcyone Circle had composed a song, telling about the journey from Borkum to Neuhaus. Afterwards the Gerdts family was presented with a gift by the Alcyone Circle.

Monday 21st of July
After having thanked the Gerdts family, the ships sailed off either to continue their holidays or to go back. Every participant will always remember the reunion of 1986 as a fantastic event; the Gerdts family can look back on a reunion which was a success in every facet. The Alcyone Circle wishes to thank the Gerdts family and their helpers in Neuhaus for all their efforts.

News about Ships and Owners
Some ships got a new owner last year. These are the following ships:
CARAPACE The name of the “Carapace” has changed. The yacht is now called “Patty Sue”. The new owner is Mr. Jeff Cole of St. Simons (Georgia, USA)

SPURWING This yacht is bought by Mr. GMD Nauta of Waalwijk, Holland

ANNABEL This yacht is bought by Mr. DK Thomson of Edinburgh (Scotland)
The new owners are very welcome in our circle. We wish them fine sailing in their ships.

in order to enable us to distribute the newsletter and hold our meetings we need your financial support. The yearly fee for yachtowners will be P. St. 2,- US $5.- D.M. 9.-, £3.- or Fl. 10.- to “postgiro” account nr. 37.21.241 of the Alcyone Circle, Amsterdam.