Newsletter nr. 25 – December 1982

As we do every year, we hope to have again a meeting of our members this winter. Pleas note the date of this meeting. SATURDAY THE 5TH MARCH 1983.

The meeting will be held in the clubhouse of the Koninklyde Amsterdamsche Roei-en Zeil Verg. “De Hoop,” Weesperzyde 65a, Amsterdam and will start at 6 o’clock in the evening.
We can have there a drink and a simple meal.

Those who wish to attend the HISWA boat show in the R.A.I. in Amsterdam can do so on the same day.
Please advise one of the undermentioned member whether you intend to come and with how many people. Mr. P. J. Ide, Stadionweg 111, 1077 SJ Amsterdam, telephone nr. 020-722805, Mr. J. C. M. van Marle, Anton Verheystr. 5,1077 NK Amsterdam teleph. 020-738198.

Alcyone Rally 1982.
Attending ships were:
Alcyone Festine Lente Margaretha
Banckert Vita Nova Phoca
Bonnathure Zeekameel
Helena Anna Zeekoet II

As one can see, this was rather a poor attendance, but there were several reasons. Some had no time available to make the trip to Hoorn outside the holiday season. Hour ships were engaged in the festivities of the Royal Dutch sailing and rowing club.
Two Cormorants had to cancel on account of illness and another two just didn’t show up.
No reports of missing ships were mentioned in the newspapers the next day. We presume they just forgot the date.
Nevertheless, those who were there had a happy time.

We enjoyed the welcome for the new crews of ZEEKAMEEL (van Santbrink) and PHOCA (Bijvoet.)
We all assisted ZEEKOET II arriving single-handed near midnight. Well done!!

Saturday, September 4th, was favoured by fine weather and a nice breeze. 10 o’clock the “palaver” (captains meeting), you know, the meeting where everybody talks and nobody listens.

Anyway, the coffee on board of HELENA ANNA tasted very good.

At noon we started with some sort of formation-sailing in front of the harbour and continues with free sailing to return into harbour at 16:00 hours. The dinner in the Waag, a 17th century weigh-building, was very enjoyable.

After dinner we all walked together along the ancient buildings and harbour. The evening ended in parties on board of some hospitable ships. (please reread, not hospital ships!)

Sunday, with a rather strong South-Easterly wind, we sailed to Marken in order to meet the four ships which could not attend the meeting for the sherry-party. They did not turn up, because their harbour master did not pass on the message,

Around 16.00 hours all ships started their homebound sailing.

We received letters, wishing us a successful meeting, from: Lady Wyn Harris,
Model Shipways John Shedd of SESAME,
Michael Jacobs of CARAPACE and
Seereederei Neuenschleuse Klaus Gerdts of HARMONIE VON NEUENSCHLEUSE former BOTNIA.
On behalf of all participants: thank you! Age Key Bee.

News about Ships and Owners
The “SPURWING” has been bought by Mr. J. van den Hoogen of Kerkdriel, Holland, the “L’AMOUR DE VIE” by Mr. Henri E. Ryser of Kilchberg, Switzerland, the ZEEKAMEEL” by Mr. R. B. Santbrink of Viana, Holland and the “BOTNIA” by Seereederei Neuenschleuse in Geversdorf, Germany.

All these members are very welcome to our circle and we heartily wish them a very good time on their ships.

Enclosed some information about the “CICCI” and the “HELENA CHRISTINA.”

Sorry, but we need some money to pay our expenses. So yacht owners are kindly requested to pay their subscription of P. St. 2. –, US> $ 4,– DM. 10.- SFr. 8.- or Fl. 10.- to “postgiro” account nr. 37.21.241 of “alcyone Circle,” Amsterdam.