Newsletter nr. 24 – December 1981

We intend to have the wintermeeting on one of the days of the HISWA (boat show) in Amsterdam. So please note now already the following date:
The meeting will be held in the clubhouse of the “Koninklijke Amsterdamse Roei- en Zeilvereniging De Hoop” Weesperzyde 65a, Amsterdam, starting at 6 o’clock in the evening. Just as last year we can have there a drink and a good but simple meal.
Please inform Mr. H. K. Bolte, Zonnestein 9, Amstelveen (tel. 020-413714) or Mr. J. C. M. van Marle, Anton Verheystr. 5, Amsterdam (tel. 020-7389198) if you intend to be present, and with how many people.

If somebody has good films or colour-slides made this summer when sailing, he/she is kindly invited to bring those with him/her, so we might, timer permitting, show them.

The 1982 Rally
During our 1980 rally we were invited, as we mentioned already in our last newsletter, to have the next rally on the Medway in England. We should very much like to do so, but this can only be done when quite a lot of our members will take part. The idea is to have the rally in the beginning of August. The ships might meet in or near Flushing and sail from there to the Medway.

As we never know how the wind will be, we intend to meet about a week before the date of the rally and after the rally everybody who wishes so, might join the fleet sailing home. All together for the Dutch and Belgian ships the trip might take at most 2 weeks.

Would you kindly fill out the enclosed form and send this to Mr. JCM van Marle, Anton Verheystraat 5, 1077 KS Amsterdam. So we might get an idea how many members might join the Medway rally.

All members are kindly requested to send the form as soon as possible, so we might in time see what to do best. If there is not sufficient enthusiasm, we might again have the rally on the Ysselmeer.

News about Ships and Owners
The “Phoca” was bought by Prof. Der. OLM Bijvoet of Bloemendaal. You are very welcome in our circle, Mr. Bijvoet! We hope you will have a very good time on this ship.

The cormorant “Margaretha” will again represent our ships on the boat-shows in Düsseldorf and in Amsterdam. On this page more about this ship.

After sailing in the Mediterranean and to Holland, where she was present at our last rally in Amsterdam, the “Sesame” went to the USA, but not on her own keel.

The “d’Olde Zwerver” went to the east coast of England visiting a.o. the Orwell and the Deben river.

The “Caecilia” sailed from Holland to Majorca and Ibiza and to the south coast of France.

Cormorant “Margaretha”
Just as in 1981 “Margaretha” will be showed by the yard on the Düsseldorf “Bootansstellung” and the 50th “Hiswa” in Amsterdam. The outside paintwork is again of such a quality that we are prepared for the same sort of conversation with the show visitors as last time:
“Kuststoff?? “……..” Nein, Stahl”

They also hardly believed that the paint had been applied by brush and not sprayed. A good wish for the yard might be that there will be no sightseers ONLY.

Sometimes the yard gets a request for a sailing session with a particular boat. This happened last summer. A certain Mr. Bijvoet bought the “Phoca”. During the time the yard was giving “Phoca” a freshing-up treatment, he liked to get some experience with a cormorant. The request was passed to us and we learned by phone that he just liked to join us for an hour or so, to familiarize with the boat and the rigging.

A date was made on a Sunday at 11 o’clock. Mr. Bijvoet and his wife arrived on the dot and after some talking we sailed off. Sometimes things turn out quite different.

The weather was perfect and at half past five we all regretted we had to return to the harbour. Our guests decided however that the best way to finish this very pleasant day, was a joint Chinese dinner. An enthusiastic member had been added to the Alcyone Circle.

News from the Yard
In January 1981 the Valentijn yard existed for 250 years. On the occasion thereof the Valentijn family had a reception in Alphen a.d. Rijn which was attended by many people among which we saw quite a lot of our members.

We really need some money to pay our costs.
So our members are kindly requested to pay their contribution of P. St. 2,- US$r4.00 D.M. 10.- Fr. Frs. 20.- or Fl. 10.- to “postgiro” account nr. 37.21.241 of the Alcyone Circle, Amsterdam.