Newsletter 84 – November 10th, 2019

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Taking a retrospective vieuw of last rainy and windy Rally to Wangeroog, it was a pity the extraordinary Gunning-fleet never reached her goal. Nevertheless there were several warm and cozy happenings during our trip, starting in Lauwersoog inside the festal decorated shed of Bert and Janneke Glazenburg serving together a very tastful selfmade 3-course buffet with icecold beer and bubbles.

Now most Gunning-yachts are in wintersalvage, it’s time making plans for 2020.
First of all some innercircle information about ships and members:
We’ve send you the memoriam of Harm Liebert and Brooke Westover.
An older generation of members passing away…panta rhei…
Michiel and Relinde Schepers bought this summer Alcyone II Adriana van Texel of family Hoogenberk. Welcome Michiel and Relinde to the Circle! The ship will have an overhaule now at the warf of Haiko van der Werff at Buitenstvallaat, so Hotspur will be ready to go coming season.
Casper Pronk is working hard at Buitenstvallaat nearby Drachten on his lifeproject Alcyone II; he and Vivande deeply wants to sail with her in 2020, but still there is a lot to do. At this moment Casper and a smart mechanic trie to unchock the dieselengine with WD 5, otherwise he cannot bring the ship to the wintershed in Westerbroek (Groningen) he rented for doing insulation of the hull and carpentry.

Wintermeeting Landgoed Ekenstein nearby Appingedam

For a change we will give it a try organizing our Wintermeeting this time at the beautiful Landgoed Ekenstein (anno 1648) at Appingedam.  Please let us know a.s.a.p. which weekends (Saturday/Sunday) in February or March 2020 will be oke for you. Based on your response we will contcat Ekenstein. They have 28 rooms, a cozy dinningroom  and an special arrangement costs about € 79,50 included stay a night over, breakfast and  4 -course dinner.

Summermeeting 2020

During dinner at Landgoed Ekenstein we also may diskuss the Rally 2020.

Rally 2019: Cormoraan and Majella going backwards via Engelsmanplaat

Kindest regards,

Arjen van Boekel & Joost van ’t Hull
Board Alcyone Circle