Arjen van Boekel, chairman of the Alcyone Circle and owner of Avalon spent years collecting information
about everything that has to do with Alcyone.
From 2009 till present day he used all this to write a book about Alcyone. Any information about the life and career of Max Gunning and the Valentijn family, that owned the Majella shipyard in Langeraar, the yachts and their owners, you can find in this book.
It contains a history of creativity, commitment and adventure, including failure and disaster.
It is illustrated with a unique collection of photo’s.
The Circle gratefully thanks Arjen for his perseverance to gather and assemble all this widespread information.

The book is now in it’s latest stages of progression and will be published on September 26th, 2015.

You can pre-order the book, by filling out the downloadable document below.

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Arjen van Boekel
Arjen van Boekel